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    Is It Possible To Edit A Patch With CM 14?

    Hi friends. Sorry I am new on FIFA 14 and I am just wondering if it is possible to edit a patch using Rinaldo´s CM 14. I just instaled the Ultimate Patch and the game seems to work fine with everything updated but when I open the database with CM 14 to make some changes it shows me the old...
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    Texture of Michael Bradley please?

    Wish someone could help me on posting here the texture of Bradley for FIFA 12, his ID is: 155887. I am asking this because I am finishing a patch for FIFA 11 and I still didn´t buy FIFA 12. Thanks in advanced!
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    3D model editor.

    Hi guys. I am sorry for this question but what is the best program I can use to edit the 3D model for faces? I mean something like the old oEdit. I am starting making some textures but I can not find a good model for them in the game. Thanks in advanced.
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    New players with especific faces in FIFA 09?

    Does anybody know wich new players will have especific faces in FIFA 09? I mean players that don´t have especific faces in FIFA 08. Does anybody know that?
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    Manager Mode: Changing Players Prices?

    Hello everyone I´m looking for a thread about the players prices in manager mode but I couldn´t find anything about it. I want to know if is it possible to change the players prices in manager mode because many of those FIFA players are wrong. I tried changing the player skills with CM08 but...
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    OEDIT for Windows Vista?

    Hello guys does anybody know any news about a new version of Oedit for Windows Vista? I am scared because Arushan doesn´t update Oedit since 2004 and the Oedit-Vista Fix program doesn´t work... please guys any news abou it? Thanks
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    Untucked Shirts for PC Version???

    Does anybody know if it will be possible a untucked shirts patch for the PC version of FIFA 08?
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    Help with Estadio Defensores Del Chaco (Paraguay)

    I have the link to Estadio Defensores Del Chaco (Paraguay). This converted estadium is great but there isn´t crowd. Is there anybody to put the crowd and flags in this stadium for me? And I have those PES stadiums to be...
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    Untucked Shirts, is it possible?

    Does anybody know if is it possible extract the untucked shirts from the UCL database to FIFA07 database? It should be great using untucked shirts like UCL.
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    Creation Master and DB Master HELP

    I am trying to change only the players positions with Creation Master and DB Master but before I start the game it crashes with a error message. I really don´t know what I am doing wrong. Please could anybody help me with this problem?
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    Exporting and Importing with DB Master?

    Hello guys! I´m exporting the "players.csv" from DB Master and changing the players positions with Microsoft Excel, after that I import the "players.csv" back to DB Master and save the changes but before the game starts it crashes. Could anybody help me with this problem? Thanks
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    Rinaldo´s DB Master

    How can I find the players positions in Rinaldo´s DB Master? I don´t want to edit the players positions. I want to edit the positions ID. Does anybody know where? I was trying to edit then in SCOUT POSITION COSTS but anything happend. Thanks
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    2GF to 1GF Faces?

    How can I convert 2GF faces to 1GF faces? Is there a program to do it? I am changing the .bmp files to 256x128 (face) and 16x16 / 32x32 / 64x64 / 128x128 (hair) but anything change. It is happening with Facu11´s faces Abondanzieri, Leo Franco, Burdisso and Ribery. All others faces I downloaded...
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    The best importing face tutorial?

    Where can I find the best importing face tutorial for WC06? I´m using Biggui to import the files into zdata 02 (.o) / zdata 07 (22.fsh) / zdata 08 (21.fsh) and Monkey Dragon´s Rebuild (FIFA FS 4.8) but other players that I didn´t change anything appear with their skins red and green and...
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    Faces question... Rebuilding!

    I´m trying to import new WC06 faces into the game using Biggui and then using Monkey Dragon´s Rebuild (FIFA FS 4.8). In the game the faces I imported are pretty good but other players from the same team or from other teams that I didn´t change appear with their bodies red and green like the...
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    Ronaldo´s new yellow boots?

    Is there a download for the new Nike yellow boot?
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    Uruguay, Bolivia, Morocco and Egipt Kits?

    Does anybody know where can I find the kits for Uruguay, Bolivia, Morocco (the new one) and Egipt? Thanks!
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    Faces numbers?

    Could anybody tell me the faces numbers (o. and fsh. files) of Kaká, Adriano, Tevez, Totti and Beckham? Thanks
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    Kaká, Tevez and Totti hair updated?

    Does anybody know where can I find the updated hairs of Kaká, Tevez and Totti??? Thanks
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    Updated hairs?????

    Is there any patch with updated hairs of Kaká, Zé Roberto, Adriano (Skin Color), Tevez, Ayala, Beckham, Ballack, Van Nistelrooy, Totti and Kewell? I was trying to change then using DB Master but I think it is not possible... Is possible to do it? How??? Thanks