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  1. Papinho81

    Faces conversions with FIFA Converter tool and Blender

    Hi everyone! First things first! Did you try @tokke001 FIFA Converter tool? ( It is amazingly easy to use and allow anyone converting faces textures and models from various FIFA versions to various...
  2. Papinho81

    Graphic NVIDIA Freestyle or Reshade mod

    Here is a small mod that can improve the look of your game, without departing too much from the default game look. It is a shader based mod that does use very little GPU and CPU resources, as it is simply based on Look up table (LUT) that I made with photoshop using many screenshots from...
  3. Papinho81

    Stadium Server R App

    Stadium Server R App v1.8for FIFA16 can be download here: Contains: - v1.8 AIO - update from v1.7 to v1.8 IMPORTANT: - Version of R newer than 3.6.3 are not supported It is compatible with every version...
  4. Papinho81

    R scripts to update your fifa 16 database and to install faces to your game

    Hi everyone! I will use this thread to share my scripts written in the R language (similar to C language) that will allow updating your fifa 16 database using as a source squad files exported from fifa 19. To be able to execute those scripts you will need the free R statistical software which...
  5. Papinho81

    Stadium IDs editor, with a R software script

    Hi everyone! This is my first contribution to this fantastic forum. I am sharing with you a script in R language (equivalent to C language) that will allow you to quickly edit the IDs of downloaded fifa 16 stadiums whether the folder you downloaded have a file sever structure or a classical...