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  1. Jay Nightwolf

    Jay Nightwolf KITS

    Guys, because of the site's internal policies, I will be making the kits you request available in a community on VK, whoever wants some of the uniforms made, they will be there, whoever wants to order one can send them here or through the VK community, you choose and i will be doing as much as...
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  3. Jay Nightwolf

    Faces Conversion fifa 21 to fifa 15

    hello guys, i'm creating this topic for people who understand face conversion can make it available here, preferably from FIFA 21, as this is the newest title and although it is the most recent game I believe that the face model is similar to fifa 20, so as another topic was very useful I am...
  4. Jay Nightwolf

    Faces Conversion fifa 20 to fifa 15

    hello fifa lovers, mainly fifa 15. I am creating this topic so that you, mod creators can please be able to make face conversions from fifa 20 to fifa 15 I know it is very difficult, especially for me who is a beginner in mods, but if possible post faces converted from fifa 20 for 15 here, as...
  5. Jay Nightwolf


    Someone here knows how to create championships and cups (especially cups because the game always crash in the final) please someone who can tinker with it could help us to understand more how to assemble these structures.