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    Playable Leagues?

    This has been asked before, I'm sure, but I can't seem to find it. What leagues/teams are playable in CM 03/04? Can you edit non-real teams to make them playable (MLS, for example)? I keep hearing that there's a ton of leagues, but can you play in all of them, and what leagues are they? Help :(
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    How to get 03/04?

    Allright, here's the problem guys; I live in the U.S., and CM 03/04 isn't sold in any of the stores over here. SO I have to order it from overseas (probably UK). Does anybody know of a reputable online UK dealer that'll ship to the US? I was at, but all they have is 01/02.
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    Mexico Fans?

    Are there any Mexico fans out there that would like to help me with my CONCACAF update? I just don't know enough about the players to make accurate ratings/appearances, etc. Just put your email address up and I'll send you the current roster version. When you get it done, just send it back to me...
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    My Site's Up!

    I've launched Celt Soccer, a website devoted to patches and kits for FIFA 2002 . If anybody has anything they need hosted, just ask and I'll stick it up for you. I've got a couple new downloads: (in addition to my old FIFA Asia stuff) the MLS Roster patch and a Jamaican national team kit. I'll...
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    Could somebody make a stadium?

    I was wondering if anybody would be interested in making a small (5000-8000) seat Caribbean stadium? With a round, cricket style pitch, whitewashed bleachers, palm trees surrounding, that kind of thing?
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    MLS Roster Update

    I'm working on an MLS roster update that would have the current rosters for all ten teams, plus it would add a few national teams. Anybody interested? I'm 40/50% done right now.
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    Please Help!

    Anyone who has FCDB XP 2002, please mail me the installer at [email protected] Thanks in advance :D
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    Sunderland vs... Battery?

    Had anybody seen this junk yet? This is just to typical. 'Cause after Sunderland comes in and destroys Charleston, you know how the English press will report it? "Worst English team annhilates the stupid Yanks" I swear, could...
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    MISL Kits

    When I get it done, the whole pack will be available for download. If you HAVE to have one :rolleyes: (Not likely) Email me, and I'll send it over. Here's a screenie of the first two.
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    Go Eagles!

    I know it's a long time after the fact, but didn't the U.S. Rugby team do well? Finally won a game! Sure it was against Japan, but for a country that only plays Rugby at the amateur level, I thought that was a tremendous improvement. Maybe next time around we can win 2 games :crazyboy: !
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    National Women's Teams?

    Look, maybe it's just because I'm crazy (As stated in my sig), or maybe it's because I'm American (Again, as stated in my sig :crazyboy: ), but doesn't it seem like the national women's teams don't get enough attention? I mean, the Women's World Cup is one of the most exciting, masterful...
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    I can't believe it :f***: ! MLS is in talks with Mexican club side Chivas de Gudalajara for them to join Major League Soccer! I mean, I love MLS to death, but let's get real, Chivas would dominate this league. The only teams that could MAYBE beat them are San Jose and Chicago. If the point...
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    Chinese fans

    If there is anybody out there from China, or just someone who understands Chinese, could they please help me to find pictures of the Jia A club side's kits? I especially need photos of: Bayi Chongqing Lifan Qingdao Beilaite Yunnan Hongta Shenyang Ginde and Sichuan Guangcheng But any...
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    Big problem...

    Ok, I would like to edit the teams in FIFA 2003. Possibly add some teams as well. So I downloaded the Creation Centre and the patch to get it to work with my computer (Which has a maximium of 24 bit color). But it wouldn't save! It would freeze every time I tried to open or save a package. SO...
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    Kaizer Chiefs

    A few updates at FIFA Asia. A slightly off topic Kaizer Chiefs kit, a Syrian National team kit, and a Malay GK kit are now available.
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    Next Project?

    What should I work on next for FIFA Asia?
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    AFC Champions League

    This is the new FIFA 2002 patch from FIFA Asia. Includes accurate rosters from all 16 teams, new kits and flags. It's currently available at
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    Stadium making?

    How do you make a stadium? If it requires expensive software, maybe someone could just make one for me; I need Dalian People's Stadium. Here's one link to a picture of it Another, similar pic Training on the Pitch
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    AFC Qualifier Patch

    Official Sales Pitch ;) : This is a patch for the rather sad EA sports AFC qualifiers. It Includes almost 90 new kits, over 40 flags and rosters, and two new regional tournaments. Now you can play your favorite Asian side with true-to-life players, kits and flags. Web address...
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    Please: Make a 5 a side patch!

    If somebody would make a 5 a side patch, then I could make the Futsal world championships!