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  1. Andreasmax

    Andy's Animated Adboards

    it works in fifa 16 generic adboards:
  2. Andreasmax

    Andreasmax's Animated Adboards

    New animated Adboards FIFA 15 Inhalt: neue animierte Adboards für - FC Bayern München - Borussia Dortmund - Hamburger SV - Schalke 04 - Hertha BSC - TV 1860 München - Deutsche Nationalmannschaft - DFB Pokal - Champions League - Europa League - Generic Adboards für Anstoß- und...
  3. Andreasmax

    Pepis Tailor Shop 13/14

    pepis my friend, your Bayern Home is not OK, here you can see: can you please correct....
  4. Andreasmax

    aeh1991's Face Thread 2014

    great faces, I like it!
  5. Andreasmax

    Centre's Graphics

    great work, I like it!
  6. Andreasmax

    Problem With Internal Master 12

    you have install the Modingway Patch?
  7. Andreasmax

    Problem With Internal Master 12

    the link:
  8. Andreasmax

    Problem With Internal Master 12

    you have to ignore all errors... all steps: 1. start the Internal Master 12 => ignore all errors 2. load the fifa_ng_db-meta from Fifa12 3. load your save file from Fifa 14 in your document folder
  9. Andreasmax

    Problem With Internal Master 12

    you need the "fifa_ng_db-meta" from the Fifa12 Game
  10. Andreasmax

    Pommes Banner & Flags 14

    great work! PS: dein Ava fehlt noch:D
  11. Andreasmax

    [MOD] MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    the FIFA 14 CM PLAYERS EDITOR UNLOCKER works fine, thanks fo this Mod
  12. Andreasmax

    Stadiums by $ido

    I like it!
  13. Andreasmax

    Stadiums by $ido

    good job!
  14. Andreasmax

    SPFL Stadiums by Shawminator

    good work
  15. Andreasmax

    Superwagon's Stadiums

    thanks for the new stadium!
  16. Andreasmax

    Superwagon's Stadiums

    amazing stadium, thanks
  17. Andreasmax

    [MOD] Revolution Mod '14

    I have this code in the "assets.lua": and the RX3: "specificball_0_19_2.rx3" "specificball_0_19_2_textures.rx3" I have the ball in the Bundesliga (snow)
  18. Andreasmax

    [DOWNLOAD] Brazuca Ball

    thanks for the great ball, I like it