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  1. Chuny

    Kostas' Theme Overhauls.

    Hello Kostasv1 Welcome to the forum. Please post your work, without self-promotion to other platforms. Thanks.
  2. Chuny

    Search function, user's threads amd captcha when entering the site

    Yeah, it will be solved soon, hopefully!
  3. Chuny

    Faces by Flavinho

    This Forum is English-only. Most of your Posts are in Spanish, and that's against the rules. Please start following our Guidelines and post in English- Thank you.
  4. Chuny

    Working on it.

    Working on it.
  5. Soccer Gaming Rules and Guidelines

    Soccer Gaming Rules and Guidelines

    Soccer Gaming Rules and Guidelines Article 1: Racism: Football (Soccer) is a game that unites the world and is beyond race, religion or creed. Racist behavior and comments that lead to discrimination or prejudice will not be tolerated under any circumstances. It will result in an automatic...
  6. Chuny

    FIFA 15 Pitch Mod for FIFA 16 - Does it work?

    Hey everybody! Since I currently don't have FIFA 16 on my PC anymore, I can't try this. But I'm sure that if you're reading this, you most certainly do. Could you please try and confirm if this (awesome) mod works for FIFA 16...
  7. Chuny

    How to edit Pitches/Turf?

    Hey I'm planning to re-download and re-install FIFA 16 since I cannot stand FIFA 17 anymore, and I would like to start editing the pitch patterns, mowing, colors, etc. Just like I do for PES. You can see the work I've done for PES, right here...
  8. Chuny

    GFX Mod

    As promised... GFX MOD for FIFA 16 by Fede The wait is over! The first pack of the GFX MOD Series for FIFA 16 is here! 13 All-New Presets that will turn your FIFA 16 as close to a real live boradcast football match as it can get. Completely re-worked from scratch. Using a new system...
  9. Chuny

    MasterEffect GFX Mod Pack

    Hey! I've been working on this Shader Suite for quite a big amount of hours. There are 6 different styles you can use. Some of them are more vibrant, some of them are more green-ish, or blue-ish, or less vibrant and more less saturated. I'm sure you'll find one you'll like. I'll keep working...
  10. Chuny

    FIFA 15 Player Names Indicator and Selected Player Indicator

    Hey! Two quick questions: 1. Is there anyway to disable (or set the opacity to 0%, or any other workaround) the HUD/Player Names Indicator above their heads (I don't want the bottom bars either). I only want the scoreboard and TV logo to show up in the screen. 2. Is there any way to...
  11. Chuny

    Defining Default Pitch Patterns Or Pitch Wear?

    Hey! I was wondering if there is any way, either via RevolutionMod or ini files to set, for example, the big horizontal stripes as default pitch pattern for all stadiums (unless specified otherwise) and to set the pitch wear to 'light'?. I'm tired of the checkered pattern and heavy pitch...
  12. Chuny

    [DOWNLOAD] Jeet's Graphics Package

    Can anybody reupload v 7.14 wc to another Host? It's impossible for me to download from Nitrobits. I've tried about 10 times with 3 different browsers!
  13. Chuny

    SWEETFX - My Settings

    I've been tweaking the SweetFX settings some more and I think these settings are a lot better. Check it out and try it yourself. /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Description /...
  14. Chuny

    SWEETFX - My Settings

    Google "SweetFX", download it, extract all the files into the FIFA 14/Game/ folder, and then copy the whole code I created on the second code, and paste it into the file called "SweetFX_Settings.txt".
  15. Chuny

    SWEETFX - My Settings

    SweetFX Settings: /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Description / '------------------------------------------------------------/ Game: Author: SweetFX version: 1.5.1 Description: Please note...
  16. Chuny

    SWEETFX - My Settings

    Here are some Screenshots from my current SweetFX Settings for FIFA 14. I think they are great and that's why I want to share it with you. You'll need a powerful PC to be able to use them without having the game stuttering and lagging or losing FPS though. Screenshots:
  17. Chuny

    dAntEb1's Faces

    Great faces, like always. However, I think Riquelme rarely has that expression on his face. He usually has a more grinching, angry or worrying expression bro. Your previous Riquelme face was amazing. What happened to your Aguero face?. Looking forward to it.
  18. Chuny

    Son_of_God's Faces

    Great faces! Would love to see one for Aguero and Messi!
  19. Chuny

    dAntEb1's Faces

    Can't wait for the next pack! Can't wat to see your Kun Aguero! Oh... did you ever release or at least show the final(updated) version of Riquelme?.