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    Kit Graphic Query

    See these kits i have downloaded. There is a ghost kit underneath and i was wondering if there is any method to get rid of this, i'm a bit OCD about these things and its getting on my nerves! :-paul:
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    Koss Headphones

    Anyone got any? Any good? If not does anyone know any decent headphones i can get that preferably wrap around my ear but sit over my ears for a fairly cheap and reasonable price? Thanks! :-paul:
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    Kanyeezy - Graduation

    Firstly i've been listening to the erm samples of the album... aaaaaand, to me it still doesn't seem like vintage Kanye, just not a patch on the stuff on his first album, possibly better than his second but this is just my opinion. :lui: Still, i believe a lot of it just sounds rather...
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    Whats the URL for that site that gives you illnessses/injuries for symptoms etc...

    ...or anything that sounds like this? You know the one i mean? Like you can put in various details of how you feel or whatever and it will give you liable answers or solutions kind of thing? Help! :-puke:
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    im beginning to think im not that good with computers

    so i open photoshop hoping to work on a picture ok? i try to, however whenever i hover over the "workspace" the cursor changes to the hand tool. this is pissing me off now and i cant do anything. dont know why! no paintbrush, JUST HAND!!! whats hand good for?? ahhhhhh help me now please its...
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    Another problem!

    I use firefox to browse t'internet! but for some reason i still get popups. these are no normal popups but truly evil ones claiming i have malware on my hard drive. now my problem is ive done everything in my power to stop these damn things like downloading spybot (thanks liam) and deleting...
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    Cm 01/02

    i know this is the forum for football manager 2007 but nobody looks in the CM older games forum plus i dont want to search for threads cause it will take ages! whats the best formation to play on this game? i remember like WWW2 or something but i dont remember it properly! also what players...
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    A good DVD burning program.

    can anyone tell me a good program that burns video files to DVD? preferably a free one with no limits on burning etc thanks very much!
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    i never believed id say this about a football/championship manager game but...

    its sh!t! how am i supposed to win anything? its impossible to keep a lead, get a lead and stop leaking early goals! if you want to show me how to stop any of these problems feel free (H) my arm may be twisted, only slightly
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    MSN Messenger missing replies

    i seem to be missing replies from msn messenger, it cuts certain bits of what people say to me and i dont understand why any ideas? thank you!
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    My Chelsea season so far...

    i know its not really much of a big woop :$ BUT this is my first serious game on fm 2007 so go easy on my choice as chelsea. at the beginning of the season with the handsome kitty of about 70 million i decided to strengthen the squad. i bought wesley sneijder for 15.25 mil (damn chelseas...
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    Unusual request...

    I have really fat feet. anyone know where i can buy some football boots or "soccer cleats" that will fit my irregularly shaped foot please. :bob:
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    Boot Question...

    ive been watching sevens rugby and i know this is not the rugby forum but ive seen some boots that they wear. these boots are just like the predator absolute red and black version only the red bit is blue and apparently they dont have the predator bit on them. i was just wondering if anyone...
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    Any chance...

    of a fm 07 SG United! i know this is very cheeky that i am asking for this to happen and i am not willing to contribute in any way but who cares!!! lol. i just asking if anyone has the time to organise one as it seems to b tradition around here!
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    luque spanker

    (H) Luque Goal
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    FM Legends Transfers

    Tobias Hysen has gone from Djurgardens to Sunderland for £1.7 mil! Cherno Samba from Cadiz to Plymouth! On a free! :O
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    this will have been asked and this question will probably be redirected to another thread but... do i have to do anything else to facepacks/kit packs/club logos/skins before i go and whack them into the FM 2006 program files folder?
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    I need help with me FM boyo

    i was just wondering... as i have been off the FM scene for quite a while... what are the good FM sites now. i remember the dugout and... well thats about it i think! help me!
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    Editor is a fool

    Gday fellow FM enthusiasts... i was a fiddlin with the editor one day and i was wondering how the abilities work; is it perhaps that say 140 ability equates to a certain amount of available points? ill leave you guys to tell me that! also how do positions work. i tend to find that players gain...