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    MarianTIM's Faces

    Yes, it is available exclusive in MarianTIM's Superpatch 2020 v1 alongside other new faces
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    MarianTIM's Superpatch (16-17 season update)

    {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"http:\/\/\/ER8We9o.jpg"} FIFA 10 (16-17 update by TIM) content: Leagues: 1.Albania Kategoria Superiore 2.Andorra Primera Division 3.Argentina Primera Division 4.Armenia Premier League 5.Australia Hyundai A-League 7.Austria tipico...
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    Marian(TIM)'s Superpatch (Euro 2016 Edition)

    Download part 1: Download part 2: Download CMP Version Euro 2016 Tournament only : Download CMP Version Copa America Centenario 2016 Tournament only: Hello guys.... here you can find news about my latest updates...
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    [SIZE="4"][B]Hello, I decided to include COPA AMÉRICA CENTENARIO 2016 in my FIFA 10 latest Patch ***Marian(TIM)'s Superpatch Euro 2016 Edition***.... The tournament patch is available in CMP version too!
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    Marian(TIM)'s Kits NEW 20/21 season !!!

    Here I will post some of my kits,mini kits + converted kits for fifa10 and fifa manager14 ....
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    EURO 2016 KITS by TIM

    Hello .... Here I'll post my new kits for Euro 2016 teams... You can find them in my fourth version of my patch , wich will be released soon!:quote:
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    3D Models editing Tools

    Hello, does anyone know wich program can open and edit 3d models .O format? I can't find one :-(
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    FIFA 10 New Gameplay by Marian(TIM)

    Hello guys.... I know you're bored of the old fifa10 gameplay so i thought to change it a little bit! :innocent_smile_1: Here you can find my new FIFA10 gameplay! I'm waiting your opinions about it! I'm still working on improvements!
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    FIFA10 TV Popups by Marian(TIM)

    HELLO, here i will post new TV Popups Created by me...i hope you'll like it!;-)
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    FIFA10 New Menu Backgrounds by Marian(TIM)

    Hello guys.....I think the most of you are bored of the old FIFA10 Menu backgrounds so I decided to create something new. Here I will share with you some new backgrounds created by me! I'm waiting your opinions about it....! Enjoy! :D
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    Stadium Converting Pack 10

    Does anyone have ,,Stadium Converting Pack 10'' I can't find it anywhere?:md:
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    FIFA10 edited by Marian(TIM) (2015-2016 update)

    Download links: Part1: Part2: Update: Installation Instructions: Step 1. Delete all files from FIFA10/data... excepting ,,audio'' folder Step 2. Extract...
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    Kits converted by Marian T(2015-2016 Season)

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    2015-1016 season Balls request

    Hello there anyone who can create official balls for FIFA10 2015-2016 season?
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    FIFA 14 All Skills Tutorial PC

    Hi friends... Here's the link from you can learn FIFA14 all gameplay make the game more fun! Enjoy! Link:
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    FIFA 15 Skills List

    Hi friends... Here's the link from you can learn FIFA15 ALL gameplay make the game more fun!! Enjoy:
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    FIFA10 Skills Tutorial

    Hi friends... Here's the link from you can learn FIFA10 gameplay make the game more fun!!:mrpimp: Enjoy:link1: link2:
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    FIFA 10 STADIUMS shared by Marian T.

    Here I'm going to share some stadiums present in my FIFA10 game!
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    FIFA10 edited by Marian T. (2015 UPDATE)

    Here I'll try to post all my work from the past 5 years regarding FIFA10 :cb: My game Contains: Over 80 Leagues, Updated rosters (winter 2015) for : Liga BBVA, Seria A, Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and the rest of important teams of Europe, Updated tournaments, new boots, new players...
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    How can I import rx3 face textures in the game using Creation master 14?

    How can I import rx3 face textures in the game using Creation master 14? Can someone help me?