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  1. scouser09

    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 (19/20 Edition)

    For anyone who wants it, here is a script to set face type in your players table based on your personal collection. If a real head exists, headclasscode will be set to 0 and hashighqualityhead will be set to 1. This will avoid the need to do this manually in CM16. SetFaceType 1. Put...
  2. scouser09

    FIFA 20 Conversions (DB, Kits, ect.)

    I actually wrote a script for this a while ago based on some feedback, but I got sidetracked while testing it and forgot to release it. I will do so now. SetFaceType 1. Put "SetFaceType.exe" and "SetFaceType Run FIFA X.bat" in "data\sceneassets\" folder. 2. Extract players table with DB...
  3. scouser09

    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 (19/20 Edition)

    Some notes: No 20/21 season updates have been added. Please understand that several planned features and improvements where not added to this release. Completing these tasks would have taken a few extra weeks and would have resulted in 20/21 season updates being delayed, I decided to...
  4. scouser09

    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 (19/20 Edition)

    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 v3.2 V3.2 -Version including Ukranian league available. -Version including Northern Irish league available. -Version including partial South American leagues and full Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana available. -Espérance de Tunis, Étoile du Sahel, Raja...
  5. scouser09

    scouser09's Kits

    NO REQUESTS Just a few kits to share. My first, maybe only pack is Liverpool. Yes, I know these kits have been made multiple times and in better quality. I started the pack a few months ago and wanted to release now it is finished. I think the most notable thing about this pack compared...
  6. scouser09

    scouser09's Misc Edits

    NO REQUESTS Nothing particularly special here, just a few items users will hopefully find useful.
  7. scouser09

    Revolution Mod 16

    Revolution Mod 16 V1.3 This version contains some new features including new abilities related to kit clashing. It also includes a beta version of a script to generate colour identification statements from kit files. IMPORTANT: Revolution Mod 16 V1.0 must be installed before installing this...
  8. scouser09

    Fixing Your Database After EA Updates

    In a recent update, EA updated the DB file to add new teams. Playing with the original DB prevents you using things like match day squads. This can be fixed by editing your DB with DBM15. In the "version" table, change the value of "schema" to: 596426fe3525c25b90593b800b9ce5c3c61ccab5...
  9. scouser09

    Revolution Mod 15

    Revolution Mod 15 V1.4 IMPORTANT: Revolution Mod 15 V1.0 must be installed before installing this version if have not already done so. You can download this version from here. V1.4 Features -Automatic Crowd Kits (Team Home And Away). -Automatic Goalposts (Includes Net Support Posts)...
  10. scouser09

    [MOD] Revolution Mod '14

    Revolution Mod 14 V.1.4 The mod is available in two install versions: - Full (For those who didn’t installed the previous version) - Update (For those who already installed the previous version) Users with V1.0 or later installed should choose the...
  11. scouser09

    FIFA Patch Importer 13

    FIFA Patch Importer 13 Back up your FIFA and language databases before using this program! You will not be able to continue any saved careers if you edit your FIFA database! This program and the FPF patch file format are inspired by the patch import/export function of...
  12. scouser09

    Changing Adboard Type Research

    This question has been asked many times, I have done some research into it and have found some sucess. FIFA 13 has two adboard types, static (all different boards, do not move) and electronic (boards change, one adboard shown at a time). I will also state that my research was done with...
  13. scouser09

    .:: Revolution Mod 13 ::.

    Revolution Mod 13 V.1.4 The mod comes in two versions now, PC and Xbox 360! Also the PC version has a Light Version that will allow all related automatic features, but support little or no statements. The limitation of the number of statements for this version decreases from the...
  14. scouser09

    Adboard Revolution (teams CAN have unique adboards!)

    I have found a way for all teams to have a unique set of adboards. The modification changes the adboard ID used to match the ID of the home team in all matches (friendles, tournaments, career mode). The mod should be compatable with existing careers as the database is not edited...
  15. scouser09

    scouser09's Kits

    *Index* 2011/12 Fleetwood Town AFC Telford United Southport Stockport County York City Lincoln City Gateshead Newport County Kettering Town Historic Arsenal 1969-76 Aston Villa 1981-82 Leeds United 1973-76 Liverpool 1892-2006 Nottingham Forest 1977-80 No general requests. Requests will be...
  16. scouser09

    Kit Data Editor

    I have updated Kit Data Editor to allow the editing of the positions of the crests, numbers and name in FIFA 12 kit files. Download ----------- Kit Data Editor 12 (With Kit Data Editor 11) Beta 1.0: FIFA 11 kit data to FIFA 12 kit data tutorial...
  17. scouser09

    Scouser09's Kits

    I will be mainly making Football Conference and other English non league kits. Southport Note: away shorts may actually be same as home.
  18. scouser09

    Graphics Switcher

    Graphics Switcher is a program which will allow you to easily switch between different modes of graphics in your game. You can define each yourself. Some examples of possable modes are Premier League graphics and Champions League graphics, and different adboards used for frendlies. You can...
  19. scouser09

    Kit Data Editor

    Kit Data Editor is a tool I am currently working on. The items placed on the kit (crests, player name, numbers) are controled by both the database, and also in the kit rx3 file. Kit Data Editor will allow you to edit the data in the kit rx3 file (use DBM 11 for the database side). The program...
  20. scouser09

    Quick Team Creator

    Quick Team Creator is a utility I plan to develop for FIFA 11. I worked on the Football Conference (5th and 6th levels of the English football pyramid) patch for FIFA 09 and created a small program to help create the 44 teams of the 6th tier. The program took an input of the team id, team...