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    Tight Kit Bug

    I had a problem with adding tight kit to players, when playing the game, the kits not tight, it's default kit but when zoom in the camera while replay kit become tight and i saw the laceration of kit (it change from default to tight kit when zoom in camera closer to player). Anyone had same?
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    Goal Structure

    Hi there, i have a request... I think fifa goal structure is not similar to true life, in fact the goal only has 2 tensions like this and in fifa ... it is 4 it would be great if any modder edit goal structure... our fifa will be real :bob:
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    Edit Goal Net Depth

    i have a problem when edit goal net depth with DB master: the net animation become unatural, it looks like shooting against the wall, just a little vibrate... u guys have any solution?
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    Black Sky

    sometimes i see black sky while changing players, someone can help me fix it pls? :md:
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    Adding Nets To Stadiums?

    I need a help! I want to add a new net type to a stadium (hexagon), so i can use revolution mod to do it? anyone knows?