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  1. J

    Crash to Windows

    the game crash to windows in middle of a match, anyone knows why this is happen, a window pop up it says that and error ocurred and the application will be closed, help anyone??
  2. J

    CM questions (iam new)

    well well, ive been recently convinced by TROD, i am playing TCM04 (or i "was" playing) now i got CM0304, and the questions rises up: -if there is a shortlist i cant find it, there is?? -what is the potential all talk about?? where can you see it?? sorry if the questions are stupid, ive only...
  3. J

    Sig request (100 post at last)

    well i just reach the 100 post so anyone can make a sig for me please , i will atach the pics now, they are from the club iam fan Racing Club de Avellaneda this is one:
  4. J

    Real names list

    Where i can find a list with the real names of the players in the game???????? in pesinsight a time ago i see one, but now i cant find it.
  5. J

    Fernando Torres sig

    can anyone make me a fernando torres sig?? it would be great, thankss
  6. J

    Soccer avatars

    where i can get one avatar of fernando torres from atletico madrid????? i have been seing that many members have amazing avatars of their favourite players.