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    Winning Eleven 9 LE

    Where can I get an English translation patch for this? Also are there any option files/patches available for it?
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    Logitech Chillstream

    I'm thinking about buying one of these, does it work alright with PES? Also, I've heard the trigger buttons work only as axis, how does that work?
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    Wireless Controllers

    I have a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 and I'd like to get another one as my cousin is coming to visit so we can play FIFA. If I have 2 of these, will they be at different frequencies so I can use 2 at the same time, or can I change the frequencies?
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    PES6 Multiplayer? (PC)

    Is there any way I can do multiplayer on PES6? Like have 2 people playing on the same computer with two controllers?
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    Blurry kits

    Ok, way back when 07 was released there was a thread and it told how to edit a file so kits didn't get all blurry from far away. Anyone know the fix? I've tried looking for the thread but I can't find it.
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    Fifa 08 PC Question

    Alright, PES 2008 has been confirmed as next-gen on PC, can we expect the same for Fifa (and all EA Sports games)? If not, I won't be buying Fifa this year.
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    CM God

    Does anyone know how to get CM God for CM 01/02 to work with Vista? It says it doesn't work on 2000 and up but is there a workaround?
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    Championship Manager

    I'd like to buy one of the old Championship Manager games off eBay (I've had a lot of fun playing with old teams and saying 'Oh! Look where he is!'). Which one is the best?
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    Player Advice

    Ok I'm playing a 4-5-1 as Manchester United in the first season (Rooney and Ronaldo out wide with Saha in the middle) and I'm looking for a new striker. I have quite a bit of money because for some reason when I requested more transfer funds I got a whopping $300+ million, all I really needed...
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    Minimizing on Vista

    Is there anyway to Alt-Tab out of PES6 and minimize the game on Vista?
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    Championship Team In Champions League?

    So in my game Tottenham have been relegated but they also won the FA Cup. Does this mean they'll be in the Champions League even though they're in the Championship?
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    Major Bug (CEP3.0)

    Ok I'm using CEP 3.0 with NK's gameplay patch and I've got a pretty big and annoying bug right here: As you can see Rooney has taken a big rating hit even though he is played in position. This happens with loads of other players too. Any ideas on how to fix it? P.S. I posted it in...
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    Controller Issues....

    I have a Logitech Rumblepad 2 Vibration Feedback Gamepad (this) Anyway, I've had it for nearly a year, I got it from Christmas last year, and it's stopped working. It seems like it loses connection every few seconds. It's not my computer/USB port as I've tested it on other computers...
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    Is there going to be an FMM tool or something equivalent out for 2007 soon?
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    Is there a demo out?
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    Too Easy

    This game is way too easy. EA really needs to get their act together, until then I'll stick with PES. Even with fantastic guys like NK who will (hopefully) be making patches for this, I don't think there's really anything they can do. Edit: Oh yeah, and the worst thing is, online is broken...
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    Any way to turn off fatigue in manager mode? Like editing game files
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    Anyone Have It? (U.S)

    Anyone in the U.S. seen it in stores yet? I know the official date isn't till Tuesday but maybe some places are selling it early.
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    2nd Demo - Help

    I'm using the second demo (well trying anyway :rolleyes: ) I did the autorun.cfg trick, so I got it to install, but now when I try to run it I get a Fifa07.exe has encountered errors and must close bug Anyone know how to fix this?
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    The Career Mode Thread

    Alright, this is the place to tell everyone how your Career is going. How about those of you who have it start by telling us what it's like, what's changed since 06, etc. :)