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    Conference/Blue Square Premier/National League

    Does anyone have a complete kitpack for the English 5th division (Conference/Blue Square Premier/National League)? Please post :bob:
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    Uzbek league kits

    Does anybody have any kits/kitpacks for the Uzbek league in FIFA 08/09/10 format? lots of rep for links:rhizome:
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    Peru Patch 10 (or 08, or 09...)

    Does anybody have a fresh a link for the Peru patch for FIFA 10? The link on the modders' website is down...
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    Creation Master 09 9.5

    re-uploaded... to run in Windows 7/8, run as administrator and Windows XP compatibility mode
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    Dumbest firing ever...

    :mambo: FIFA 11 (with CEP plus some personal add-ons) Manchester City on semi-pro leading the EPL by 13 points mid-way through the first year, having destroyed Chelsea 5-0, I lose to Blackburn 2-3 in the FA Cup...and I get sacked...after beating Arsenal 3-1 no less...
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    Turkish league kit request...

    Does anybody have these kits from Turkey in FIFA 08/09/10 formatting... Adanaspor Giresunspor Mersin Idman Yurdu Kartalspor Gungoren Boluspor Dardanel SAŞ
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    Cep 09

    Does anyone still have the Career Expansion Pack for FIFA 09 and the Creation Master for 09 (11.5 version)? If you does please upload to mediafire etc and post the links. You will be the most awesome person in the world:shades:
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    Adding new league/tournament/license to db?

    How the heck do you add a league/tournament/license to the db? I tried adding the Serbian first division manually to my installation of the FIFA Brasil mod, but I couldn't get it to work (crashes in both tournament mod during scheduling phase and during the manager mod, again during scheduling...