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    Update on the CC

    Hey guys, I've been working on some of the problems that you guys are having with the CC. The engineers at EA are also busy helping me to analyse the crash that some of us are having in the game. I'll be able to give you a more accurate report after the weekend when we have done a bit...
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    Having Problems - Read This

    Hey guys, Hope you enjoy the CC so far. I had fun making it Some important notes here. 1. Make sure you have the .NET framework installed on your PC. 2. Read the readme.txt file that comes with package. 3. Read the FAQ file that comes with the package. When all fails, post a...
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    New Leagues

    Hey guys, Just to verify the features posted in one of the previous messages. You will be able to create new leagues using the CC. But the leagues will be non-competitive. They will be like the Rest of the World or International leagues in the game at the moment. But you will be able to...
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    Three cheers to Matt Holme

    Guys, Please join me in thanking Matt for the amazing job he's done with SG. The game wouldn't have been as good without his contributions to the community. Matt will be sadly missed here but now we have a true representative at EA Canada. I am sure he will make his mark there as he...
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    I need you to tell me....

    Hi fellas (and sheilas), EA Sports has asked me to look into improving CC. They are very serious about giving FIFA gamers a really good tool enhance your gaming experience. But I need you to tell me what sort of things you would like me to fix or add to the current CC. Your input here...
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    FEd2002 news

    I posted some news on FEd2002 check it out here
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    FEd2002 survey: What feature would you like to see in the next version

    I would like to implement all of these features in FEd2002 but there is time constraint so tell me which of these you would like to see most and I'll try to add one (or more) to next release. Cheers
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    About FEd2002

    Hi everyone, I am happy to say that beta 5 has gone to the translators so that they can check their translations in the program itself. Once I get the OK from them, we've got FEd2002. I am sorry that it has been a long time coming. Thank you for being so patience.
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    Even More FEd2002 report

    Hi all, The beta testers and the translators have been hard at work in the last week or so. My sincere thanks go to them. There has been no real major problems reported by the testers and quite a few languages have been translated so far. We have got: English Korea Dutch German...
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    FEd2002's gone beta

    Yes, it's true. FEd2002 has gone to the testers and initial reports are good. There are a bit of work to do yet but this is a huge step in the right direction. Stay tuned.
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    More FEd2002 report

    Hi all, I have been able to spend of lot more time on FEd2002 in the past week as my work commitments slowed down. I am happy to report that FEd2002 is just about ready to go to the beta testers. Unlike other years, this year I only asked just a handful of testers to help me out. This is...
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    About FEd2002

    Hey guys, Sorry for not updating the progress but I have been incredibly busy at work lately. In fact I haven't stopped working for the last 5 days. It likes work, a few hours of sleep, work, a few more hours of sleep... and occasionally had a meal. I even ate in front of the PC. How sad am I...
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    FEd2002 report

    Hey there, Just thought I let you know what I up to with FEd2002. It is progressing well albeit slowly as I've been fairly busy with work and family commitments. Attached are some new screenshots showing Korean text being displayed. Thanks to Taedol of for the...
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    Will I, won't I???

    Hey everyone, Just a quick message to clarify some of the rumours that have been going around with regards to whether I will be or won't be making FEd2002. Well, not wanting to keep you in suspense any more, the answer is YES there will be FEd2002. I know your next question will be...
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    Merry Christmas everyone

    and a Happy New Year too. Cheers!!!
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    Merry Christmas everyone

    and a great New Year too. Cheers!!!
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    WE5 is editable?

    Guys, look what I found in WE5 data file. This means the graphics are editable. Well, if your PS2 is moded and can play backup games.
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    Custom jersey

    Sorry wrong forum
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    ISS PE2 & WE2000 u23 editor

    I am working on WEEd, an editor for ISS PE2 and WE2000 u23. Check out the screenshots. WEEd Screenshots