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    FIFA 20 Tournament Mode: How to sim until the final (to see who won the tournament, best goalscorer, etc)?

    As the title suggests, is there a way (most likely through editing the game files) to make FIFA 20 sim a tournament until the final so that we can see the final stats of said tournament if we happen to be knocked out before reaching the final? I don't understand why such a basic thing was...
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    Putting MW's English Leagues New Kits (NUFC 3rd Kit, etc) In A Clean FIFA Install

    Hey guys, Obviously I would prefer to post this on the Moddingway forum but since for some reason I can't create an account there, I decided to post it here in hopes someone could help me. :) I would post it on the Moddingway thread of this forum but since I see it hasn't had any activity...
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    Team's Formations Not Showing On TV Broadcast After 3 Games In League

    Hey all, As probably most of you already noticed, when doing a tournament league (BPL, Serie A, etc) from the 4th game onwards, you won't be able to see the teams' line ups being presented anymore (only if you have the scrolling line ups option turned to yes). Is there any way of making...
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    FIFA 15 Database Problem & Schedule Question

    Hey all, I've searched around the FIFA 15 forums and it seems no one has come across this (maybe I am too noob) but after installing FIFA 15 (legally bought) I went on editing some things on database using CM 15 (I did no online roster update). When I went to the game, I could only see...
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    No Daylight In Creation Centre Teams Games

    As the title suggests, when I play with Creation Centre teams there is no daylight. For example, I set a game to start at 16:00 (4 pm) and it's night. This is not that realistic and I was hoping someone could find a solution to this. Thanks in advance.
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    Renaming Tournament With CM 14

    How do I rename a tournament in Creation Master 14??? I tried using the short and long name but everytime I go on the tournament page the name of the tournament is the name of the country that tournament belongs to. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
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    Portuguese League Cup Using CM 14

    Hey all! I want to create the Portuguese League Cup on CM 14 but I'm not really aware of how to organize the stages of the competition. If anyone is willing to help me, it can take a look here to see what the structure is like...
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    FIFA 13 Creation Centre 13 tournament problem

    Hello all, I downloaded a tournament from EA Sports Creation Centre 13 and in-game it says that I can use it for friendly matches. However, when I go to the friendly match menu, all I can find are the leagues that are on the game and not the one I downloaded from Creation Centre 13. Is there...
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    UEFA EURO 2008 Patch by RobbieD_PL Download Link

    Hey guys I know I should be posting this on the FIFA 08 section but if I did that way less people would see this, so I'm posting this in FIFA 12 section (I hope moderators don't get pissed off at me because of this!). But anyway I wanted to know if anyone has the UEFA EURO 2008 Patch that...
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    How to defend a penalty???

    Hey guys, I was playing the game and I had to save the 1st penalty kick ever in FIFA 12 and then I noticed that I don't know how the hell I do that!!! Can anyone tell me how to save a penalty? Thanks for your support! :D
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    Is there any way to install FIFA 12 without being in Origin?

    Hey guys! I bought FIFA 12 yesterday and today I tried to install it. It installed correctly I think and when I clicked on play nothing happened. Pleaseee help!!! P.S. I have installed via Origin even thought I have the original DVD. I don't know if there's a non Origin way to install the...
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    Liga ZON Sagres 2011-12 Patch for FIFA 12

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone could make a Liga ZON Sagres patch to FIFA 12. If possible I would like it to have: -scoreboards (like the FIFA 10 scoreboard: Sport TV one); -adboards (could be the same as the CEP 2010 scoreboards for the Portuguese Liga were); -oficial ball...
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    No Turkish/Czech leagues on FIFA 12???

    WTF??? I've notice that Turkish and Czech leagues won't be in FIFA 12. Turkish because of the corruption scandal, being Galatasaray the only Turkish team being placed on the Rest of the World. Czech because I think Czech football federation wants more money for the licenses and EA ain't giving...
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    UEFA EURO 2012 videogame

    Hey, I would like to know if any of you know if there's gonna be a UEFA EURO 2012 videogame. UEFA EURO 2008 was good but I didn't like somethings such as: unofficial Netherlands and Serbia teams (but I think they will come official now as EA got the Netherlands license to put them on...
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    Liga ZON Sagres Patch

    Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone could make a Liga ZON Sagres patch to FIFA 11. If possible I would like it to have: -scoreboards (if they can be converted from FIFA 10, no don't need to make them because I have them); -adboards (same rule that might be applied to scoreboards)...
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    UEFA Europa League adboards