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  1. Davi360

    Creation Master 15 don't save changes

    Hey guys, I tried to edit my FIFA 15 (clean version) with CM 15, but all the changes I made and saved don't work. I tried to regenerate too and it still didn't work. Do you know what it can be?
  2. Davi360

    FIFA 15 Next Season Patch 2021

    Hi, I did all the step by step, but when I am going to regenerate the BH with the CM15, it opens an error window in relation to the "Messages.xml". Do you know how to fix it?
  3. Davi360

    OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity X Moddingway FIFA 14 (HBZ Mod 20/21 Season)

    I'm already using. It's great! Congratulations on your work. I just wish they had kept the Brazilian stadiums. In version 2.0 there was Maracanã and others (probably imported from Fifa World Cup 2014) but in 3 they were generic again (I still tried to go back, pasting the V2 stadium pack on top...
  4. Davi360

    CM 14 problem

    Try to regenerate with CM 15
  5. Davi360

    Blank Player Names in Fifa 14

    First of all you want to apologize if there is a similar topic, but I haven't found it. I have FIFA 14 with the Mod Infinity Patch. I am Brazilian and wanted to play the updated Brazilian Championship 2020, but in this case the mod was not very well updated. So I used CM 14 and updated...