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  1. Dominn98

    Database for FIFA 21/22 Xbox Series X - export ?

    Is it possible to use retro arch to get FIFA 22 or 21 files from the Xbox series x? Because in my opinion it is possible, I watched some tutorial on YouTube but I can't find this folder .I would like to see if it is possible to edit the FIFA 22 database from the Console.
  2. Dominn98

    National Teams Patch for FIFA 22

    National Teams Patch for FIFA 22 This patch contains 121 national teams (+88 NEW added from all zones] 55 - UEFA National Teams 10 - CONMEBOL Teams 8 - CONCACAF Teams 24 - CAF Teams 24 - AFC Teams Link are the my discord server ! TOURNAMETS Added & Modify in...
  3. Dominn98

    National Teams Patch 1.0

    National Teams Patch 1.0 - Patch for FIFA 21 Add 51 new National Teams for Career mode by Dominn98. I am currently working on compdata files (career tournament structure). Then there will be graphic files, uniforms, coats of arms, and finally the database - teams in DB and players. I will use...
  4. Dominn98

    New National Teams Kits for my patch (New NT Patch by Dominn98)

    Hi, for a few days I have been working on a modification to a total of 100 representations (like the out-of-date patch Paul2008me123 Extra NT 6.0) because I can make compdata. I plan to release a beta version in 3 days. Anyone who likes to make costumes in fifakitcreator would like to help me...
  5. Dominn98

    All UEFA National Teams Patch

    Hello, I recently started to play around modding FIFA 21 with DB Master and FIFA Editor Tool and I am able to create new national teams. It uses the ID of the teams from FIFA Ultimate team, because you can change the goalkeeper and home kit + in 5 cases, even the away kit is still there, i.e. 3...
  6. Dominn98

    Help with creating tournaments in career mode

    Hello, I've been trying to build up the 24 European team championship in career mode. I edited all files, but it takes a lot of time because the European Championship ID is 980 and it is in the file (compobj) at the beginning, where there are 1700 lines of code. When it comes to creating, each...
  7. Dominn98

    FIFA 15 Creation Master Create a playable tournament

    How to create a tournament in Creation Master 15 to FIFA 15 to be able to play in this tournament ? e.g. European Championship Qualification 2016/2020 or World Championship 2018. I have Creation Master 15 but I do not know how to create this tournament so that it only works in tournament mode...