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    Cesc's Graphics

    My first work are updated minifaces for the Arsenal players who didn't have an actual miniface from this season :) Download (11 players)
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    FIFA 16 LOD Fix

    FIFA 16 LOD Fix (PC - Demo) > FIFA 16 LOD Fix (PC - Full Version) >
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    Minifaces by Cesc

    I'm actually be motivated again to do some minifaces if you are interested, too. :-D I saw a lot of miniface makers in this forum and with all respect, most of them have poor quality. Also a lot of the EA minifaces this year are poorly cutted with a lot of snow around. Maybe I'm a...
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    Cesc Fabregas' Graphic Collections

    I started this thread for all to discuss and post collections of certain parts for FIFA 15 (banners, tracksuits, flags or whatever can be collected). Only one important rule, putting credits should always be the most important thing. I start with a tracksuit collection... FIFA 15...
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    Cesc's Minifaces

    Download List
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    Cesc's Minifaces

    Just some minifaces I recently made. Maybe somebody needs them. Abraham, Polanski, Gomes, de Camargo, Javi Martinez Hofmann, Joselu, Hornschuh, Götze, Zimling Sahin, Ochs, Meißner
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    Career Mode CL/EL Seeded Teams

    Okay I just have found out that there is a euroseededteams.csv with the respected team IDs for the groups. I actually want to include Olympiakos and Galatasaray in the draw but don't know how. If I change Helsingborgs ID (432) in the euroseededteams.csv to the ID of Olympiakos (280), it's just...
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    Cant Login To EASFC

    Anyone else facing the problem? I can't login to EASFC ingame, it always says that the Servers are not available at the moment :( It's not a case of the server or the internet connection because everything works fine for my brother. I tried to disable Avira and the Firewall but nothing...
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    Custom Music Editing

    I'm actually preparing an actual folder for all the chants, entrance songs, goal tunes and so on for FIFA 13 especially for Bundesliga and Premier League because I hate outdated songs. Help will be much appreciated as I'm not sure about the actual entrance songs in Premier League from this...
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    Cesc's Work

    FA Cup Scoreboard Preview
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    Cesc's Work

    Download All files are already converted to DDS, readme inside the folder ;)
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    Nice Ingame Pics

    Here we go again, now with Fifa 12 :)
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    Cesc's Minikits [EA Style]

    Ok, I'm now posting my Minikits here. I work with the EA style because I hate these new minikit style everyone is using now. ;) Mini-Kit Index: Bundesliga - Bayer 04 Leverkusen Third - VfL Wolfsburg Third - 1. FC Nürnberg Third - 1. FC Köln Third - 1. FC Kaiserslautern Third - SC Freiburg...
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    Cesc's Work

    Will post some of my quick works now here ;) Kevin Prince Boateng (AC Milan)
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    Nice Ingame Pictures [Fifa 11]

    This thread is for posting every picture you like from your game ;) First a screenshot by me:
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    Does anyone think it's possible to do a Lodmixer for that game? It really annoys me that the faces are different from above and reduce to a lower graphic one. For example Gomis has long hairs from away but if you zoom in you can see his real ponytail or Gonalons has short hairs but from far...