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  1. Fakharany

    PC Recommendation

    Hi everyone, so i looking to buy a new laptop to play FIFA 19. The specs were released and they are similar to FIFA 18. I need a laptop to play and for uni, I’m a computer science student so I need a good programming/gaming machine. My budget is around a thousand euros. I will really appreciate...
  2. Fakharany

    Trophies Export

    Hii everyone,, Really need your help guys this time,, I just exported a trophy from blender to FIFA 16, the file size came out as 5MB but there is no trophy while playing, players are lifting nothing. Here is a photo from my blender.. I've done every step,, vertex painting, mapping... Any...
  3. Fakharany

    U-23 Rio 2016 Teams CMPs

    Hi Everyone, Since the Olympic Games are running, I will be working on this project in order to finish 16 participating teams in the Men Soccer Olympic 2016 Rio Event as CMPs including the adboard of the tournament and the scoreboard. I will also try if I finish these things to make the 12...
  4. Fakharany

    Crash On Pre Seasons

    Hi everybody, Just done my compdata editing and made sure that schedule.txt has less than 7000 lines. However the game crashes when I just to participate in a preseason tournament. I had this prob earlier this summer, bangus told me to try with the career revolution mod so if I can remove...
  5. Fakharany

    Friendlies Crashing

    Hi everyone, I opening this thread to ask for help in the tournament editing. After I added a continental tournament, when I choose the friendly tournament the game crashes, thus I cant even play the Player Career. Noting that I have less than 7000 lines in schedule.txt Is there a way to...
  6. Fakharany

    Super Patch 16'

    FIFA Super Patch 16' By The Egyptian Team Ahmed GaMal Joo - Mohamed Tarek Shawky ~ Patch Makers Hussein Fakharany ~ Collaborated with some kits and tweaks added Ahmed Maghazy ~ Cover maker SUPER PATCH THIS YEAR COMES WITH A LOT OF FEATURES ... EXPERIENCE A NEW FIFA Credits: Moddingway, some...
  7. Fakharany

    Tournament Crashing After Editing With CM

    Hey guys, just a question about editing tournaments with cm 16. I just added the egyptian league to the game, and its working really good in the game. But this when I define egypt as an asian country and put its tournaments in asia. I also tried to replace it with Australia and its working very...
  8. Fakharany

    Creating A Selector Tool For A Patch

    Hii guys, I am opening this thread to ask how can I create a selector tool (like the Modding Way Selector) for a patch so I can choose which mode I can play. If someone can help with a template of his work, cuz I am really suck at programming :puke:, but I can just edit on the template using...
  9. Fakharany

    FIFA 16 Arabian Patch

    Hi everyone, We are working on creating an Arabian FIFA 16 Patch which should contain the majority of the Arabian Leagues (Popular ones) with contental championships, such as CAF Champions League, Confederation Cup, AFC Champions League etc... However till now we are planing to do just North...
  10. Fakharany

    PES To FIFA Kits Conversion - How To

    Guys I am opening this thread to ask for help about the PES to FIFA kits conversion. If someone has something to share for help, please do it. Thank You in advance :D
  11. Fakharany

    Editing FIFA 16 Tournaments Properly With CM

    Guys, just a quick question, I am really concerned abt that I can't really edit tournaments properly. I add a country and copy the weather from another country then create its leagues but career and tournament crash! I usually start by adding the tournament, then the name and the id, then for...
  12. Fakharany

    Playing Online With Mods

    Hii guys, just wanted to ask a little question abt playing online with a mod that changed the db and the game's data file. What will happen if I try to play online friendlies against someone who has the same mod as me?
  13. Fakharany

    FIFA 16 Trophies

    Guys I am creating this thread asking for the way to create trophies for the game to add them in my created patch tournament. Thnx
  14. Fakharany

    PES To FIFA Stadiums

    I am creating this thread as an exhibition for my work. I was a PES stadium maker and just switched to FIFA modding late 2015. :ball::ball: I will be showing my work and progress towards the stadium conversion from PES to FIFA. Feel free for sharing with me your ideas about new stadiums that I...