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    Frisgon's Smooth and Slow GP and Career Files

    Much is going on right now, so I decided to post my GP and career mod for fifa 18 as some people asked me to test it and so we can discuss, criticize etc.... It's a beta version. link below. Features: -levelled, neutral morale...
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    Is It Possible To Set GP Slides Through cl.ini In FIFA 17 Demo

    I remember there were some strings for slides values in fifa 16 but I don't remember those strings and I don't rememeber if they worked
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    Will FIFA 17 Have Sliders?

    Someone knows?
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    More Sliding Tackles and Bad Fouls From CPU?

    I tried to increase the aggression values in the database. I also tried some lines in the cl.ini but there is no change. Does anyone know a way to increase tackles?
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    Playerformdiff/Teamformdiff Tabs: Can They Be Used To Reduce CPU Boosts/Cheats?

    With db master you find these 2 empty tables in the db Navigating with internal master 12 you find these same tables filled up with values like these overallratingdiff olddefenserating newoverallrating oldoverallrating oldattackrating oldmidfieldrating newdefenserating teamid...
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    Help Needed With DB Tactics Tables

    I'm trying to edit the tactics to have less pass precision for the minor teams. But there are three tables in the db with tactics values: teams, default_taemsheets and defaultteamdata; I don't know which one I should edit and what's the difference between them. Also as changing the tactics...
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    Is It Possible To Lower Players' Attribute Range?

    In the xml it says it goes from 1 to 99. for example: <field name="sprintspeed" shortname="NrcP" type="DBOFIELDTYPE_INTEGER" depth="7" null="False" rangehigh="99" rangelow="1" update="True" /> Regular Cat already told me that you can't raise those values over 99. Now my question is: can...
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    Is There A Way To Give Real Names To The Youth Squad Players?

    I'd like to change those names to the real youth squad names.Are there any files I can edit to do so?
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    Frisgon's Solid Gameplay

    December, 5th 2016 NEW VERSION FOR SEASON 2016-17 AND MODDINGWAY MOD 7.60 available: Not only Gameplay and new database, I also completely re-wrote carreer files and finally found some good sliders and pad configuration...
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    How To Remove EA Patches/Updates?

    I have the digital origin version. I want to get rid of all these patches and get the fresh, unpatched game. Is there a way to do it without the physical copy? Because I tried to erase everything and downloaded again all the 13gbs but origin automatically installs the last version :mad: Also: I...
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    How Do Those Form Arrows Work?

    Before a tournament or carrier game you can see arrows near the players in team management. They can be up or down arrows; it's pretty obvious that they indicate the players' form. What I don't understand is why the arrows are the same for all the team (up or down for everybody; not someone with...
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    No 5.1 Audio In FIFA 16?

    Is it possible? I see there was not in fifa 14, I don't know about 15 and I can't find out about 16. All I know is that on my system is working only in stereo
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    Sharing Thoughts and Knowledge About GP and Career Editing

    I thought it would be nice to start this thread so that we can share our thoughts about editing cl.ini or database so to suit personal tastes. I mean this shouldn't be a thread where to ask for a guide but a thread for those who have at least an editing base knowledge to confront themselves So...
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    Let's Bring Back The Demo Gameplay To The Final Version Game

    If someone hasn't noticed it yet final version gameplay (as all the years) is worst than the demo gameplay. here are some of the things that, in my opinion, are worse in the final version (I'm only talking about offline gameplay aainst the cpu): - game is generally faster also if you play...
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    Reduce Dribbling Skills?

    Is there? A way to avoid 1 vs 11 efficiency of the runs also against the cpu?
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    How To Correct 16:10 Aspect Ratio and Remove Black Bars?

    I read several instructions on how to do it; I can manage to have the game displayed full screen without the black bars, but still the image is distorted on the vertical side. The problem is in obtaining the correct aspect ratio without the blacck bars. Any hint?