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    Balls and Boots

    Great, awesome stuff! :) I was here all the time. It's just that I only have enough time to check the forums a bit, not nearly enough to actually make sth. Thankfully you've been busy and managed to create all this stuff, respect!
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    Stadiums by $ido

    I know that people want new unbuilt stadiums, but $ido, have you thought about converting the wonderfull Allianz arena
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    jorge78's Balls

    I believe Kurlboy meant this on, yeah. There is a lot of balls made for this model, including the sought after Nike Aerow II.
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    Balls and Boots

    Gorgeous, finally a proper model! Looking forward to it!
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    SPFL Stadiums by Shawminator

    I probably still have it somewhere in 3ds. I would try to convert it, but I need some kind of tutorial, cause I'm not too friendly with blender and the whole process. Btw. The Celtic park really rules :clap:
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    SPFL Stadiums by Shawminator

    No, I tried to convert it, but sadly, it was too much for me to learn and too little time to do it...
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    SPFL Stadiums by Shawminator

    Awesome, thanks!
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    [DOWNLOAD] Brazuca Ball

    Finally we have someone who can edit models and apply correct mapping! Amazing stuff guys! Tip of the hat to you! :)
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    The Arsenal Foundation

    Of course I know what you are saying, I had my templates taken many times as well (I made balls). I would use it only for myself, as I'm not making anything for others any more. If you do decide to change your mind, please leave me a pm. In any case, continue to do amazing stuff :)
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    The Arsenal Foundation

    Awesome stuff! Can you share the kit wrinkle texture?
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    Adri's Kits

    Gorgeous work, thanks my friend!
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    Kits by Xandr92Prog

    Awesome dude, thanks! :)
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    CM 14 BETA Testing

    I haven't tested everything, but all the features I need are working like a charm. Thank you Rinaldo, You made my FIFA awesomer yet another year! ;)
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    Stadiums By Willams9991

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    FIFA13 Graphix by darxxx (Balls, ETC)

    Sorry guys, my graphic card is dead, so I can't do anything for a while now. If I find time to go buy another I will see if I can contribute to fifa modding again. Take care!