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    What do I need?

    Since the forum seems a bit dead and I haven't been on in ages, I was wondering if someone could politely point me in the direction of what I should have for PES 2008. I mean in terms of what latest official patch, user-made patch, etc. Thanks
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    7.0.2 Patch

    Has anyone actually enjoyed success with this patch? Is it possible to not have half your team out to injuries all the time? The results are so unbelievably random that I think they are just trying to turn off an FM players from ever playing again. You'll beat Arsenal away 3-0 one day and...
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    US World Cup Aftermath

    Thoughts on the World Cup and future of the United States National Team: - In 2002, Bruce Arena was pretty much spot on with his tactics and did a great job with the US up until this World Cup. I respect and thank Arena alot for all he did, but he now needs to resign. He was probably going...
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    Help me play an online game

    I haven't been able to play an online game and I don't understand why. Does anybody want to try to play me? I have the Wolf 2.0 patch and the online matchup thing but the host's IP never shows up. Maybe you can host a game and just give me the ip or something. I'll check this thread or you...
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    CM Update

    If anyone is interested I can give them my cm update, it's updated through yesterday. It's the latest CMSorted with all the transfers until yesterday. It's pretty extensive in my opinion. I would need somewhere to host it though.
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    How do I sign players on free transfer?

    I signed Mexes on free transfer and it made me play like 5000+ points for a transfer fee? I thought there wasn't a fee.
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    For our Portuguese members...

    I'm going to be playing with a New Orleans team in the upcoming Rio Maior Summer Cup and the Cristal Cup in Portugal. I'm just curious if these are somewhat big events? This is amateur by the way, i'm a U17.
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    SPL Online Game

    Does anyone want to play a network game in the Scottish Premier League with me? No Celtic or Rangers, this would be to see who can break into the Old Firm and beyond...
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    EPL - What team will gain the most impact from signings?

    Realize what i'm trying to get across here, don't say Manchester United because they will sign Ronaldinho or something of the like. Yes, that's an impact player, but United still could win the Premiership without him. After seeing that David Dunn is somewhat close to going to Birmingham and...
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    Manchester United interest in US GK Tim Howard

    Most United fans probably don't really know who Tim Howard is, so as an American and fan of his, let me just give you my opinion: Tim Howard has the potential to become better than Friedel and is only 24 years old. His reflexes and quickness are already among the best in the world. Right...
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    [R] Sheffield United vs Nottingham Forest [R]

    WHAT A F*CKING GAME! I love the playoffs, always great to watch. Nottingham went 2-0 up, the Blades came back to tie 2-2, no score in first period of extra time, then Blades score two more (the last being Des Walker own goal)... only to have Huckerby fire in a shot that gets put in after...
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    Your Current ML Lineup

    3-4-3 with Arsenal GK - Kahn DC - Cannavaro DC - Nesta DC - Campbell ML - Roberto Carlos MC - Totti MC - Zidane MR - Beckham LW - Ronaldo CF - Batistuta RW - Henry Bench DC - Ferdinand DC - Samuel MC - Davids MC - Hagi MF - Recoba CF - Kluivert CF - Raul
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    Help with Compressing Videos

    Maybe the_man or another knowledgable guy can help me out here: I have a tv tuner and hooked it up to my PS2. I am going to be recording goals from WE6I, but from recording tv shows, samples, ps2 clips, etc. I have found the file size to be extraordinarily high. Is there a way to cut down...
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    [R] Serie A [R]

    Juventus in the second half up 2 - 0 over Inter. Guly og '5 Nedved '31 Milan 3 - 3 Atalanta Roma 3 - 1 Empoli (they actually won a league game!) I think we know where this would put Juve. :rockman: :hump: :mrpimp:
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    Most War Protesters...

    ... have no idea what they are doing, especially in the United States. I am not implying that the anti-war members of SG are this way, because for the most part they aren't, but just read this: Today on the radio, a woman at an anti-war protest was asked a question, "At this protest a lot of...
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    Andy's 4132 DDL - Results

    He said he will post more about the tactic later and post it for download. I just tested it for him.
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    Even Professionals play Championship Manager

    From [/i]
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    [R] Week 18 Serie A [R]

    Como 2 - 0 Roma Carbone lights up Roma! :Bow: Carbone :Bow: Roma are quickly becoming the laughingstock of the league. :clapwap:
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    QCT: juventusita

    I'll be starting when I get my laptop back (probably Tuesday).
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    How To: Network Games

    This post by ChelseaFan88 should be up there with the sticky ones. I am often bothered by people wanting to know how to play online. Starting Network Games: OK, here goes: 1) Find someone (or many people) you want to play against who has the same version of CM as you. It is best to be...