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    My new sig-opinions

    Hi there. I've made a new sig, just wanted some opinions on it please. I can take anything. Also, I've made a FIFA 10 cover here:-
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    Is it possible...

    Is it possible to edit the demo version of FIFA 09, like put in new kits.
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    Help making a Face.

    Could anybody help in how to make faces please. Textures only, not O-File editing.
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    Let's Make a Minikit.

    OK, I don't really fancy being the only Minikit maker here. So... The tools that you'll really need are circled in this picture. Using the pen tool, and making sure that it is selected like this:- Trace around the outline of the Minikit Texture of choice (There are many in the Kit and...
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    FIFA 08 Install Problem

    I'm having a problem installing FIFA 08, It gets about 1/3 through before it comes up with this message:- "Error Reading From file D:\Program Files\FIFA 08\data\audio\ENG0821.asf. Verify that file exists and that you can access it." Then retry or cancel. The File IS there and i CAN access it...
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    My Kits.

    So, I've been making kits for FIFA 07 for a while so I thought I'd give the 08 kits a go. So here is my first FIFA 08 kit, Fulham 3rd.
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    I've done it-cech with cap for fifa 07 Here you go, contains all files and instructions.
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    My kits.

    OK, So, this is my first attempt at making a kit, it is very basic, and loosly based on Gillinghams home kit for the season (08/09). Helpful comments welcome... insulting comments not welcome!!! Oh, for anyone who can give help, I use Photoshop CS3. I've also made a fantasy kit, to...