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    siralex90's 16/17 Kits

    Can you make Borussia Dortmund CL kit with yellow shorts like today's game against Sporting CP? Also the league kits can you add the Bundesliga and Hermes logos? Thank you.
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    FIFA 15 German Commentaries

    Hello my SG peeps I've been enjoying the game and I'm currently playing with Dortmund. As a personal preference, I like to play the game in the language of the team I'm playing with (German for Bundesliga, Italian for Serie A, and so on). So I've come here to ask my fellow German-speaking...
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    DrDoooMuk's '14 Adboards

    Hi OP, awesome adboards. Will you be making the CL and EL adboards at some point?
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    Updated EPL and FL Championship & League 1 & League 2 Sleeve Patches

    Wait, so if you get promoted with a Football League team, do they get PL badges?
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    Kits Nobody Wants... by makispla

    THANKS A LOT As Panamanian, I take off my hat to you. Great work. Very impressive. LMAO @ the UEFA armband though
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    Kits by Charlinhoo

    Jesus Christ. Can you plase make the GK and Third too? Thanks.
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    Fonts by Adriano 2012

    Are you working on the Chelsea golden ones?
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    07 faces by me

    Could you please?
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    07 faces by me

    Can you send me please: Raul Meireles (with hair if you have it) Branislav Ivanovic David Luiz Oriol Romeu Jose Bosingwa
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    my little creations (vicoto09)

    Could you make Panama National team's kitpack? (H, A, GK)
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    FIFA 07 Stadium Checklist 2011

    Wow, I'm surprised there are stadiums for El Salvador and Fiji and no Panama. Do you have Rommel Fernandez stadium by any chance?
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    Kits by Raul

    Hi Raul, your kits are fantastic, can you please make Chelsea last season third kit with the green shorts
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    Fifa 11 from Official Website download??

    Is it worthy? It's like $40. I'm considering getting it since I'm kinda tired of playing + editing Fifa 07.
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    2010/11 New Kits

    Just click the 'goalie' or 'third' option and import them.
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    And Chelsea third and the GK kit they used again Zilina in the CL. Please!!! That's my last request.
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    2010/11 New Kits

    Can you make it with the dark blue socks please?
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    FIFA07 Stadium Download Index

    Hola Rodion, muchísimas gracias por tomarte el tiempo para subir los estadios. ¿Será que en tu colección tienes el De Kuip del Feyenoord? También de paso si nos puedes decir como crear nuevos zdatas.
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    FIFA07 Stadium Download Index

    Try resizing the .fsh file.
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    Carpe's Creations

    Hey mate, would you mind making Chelsea third? Thanks.