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    [DOWNLOAD] Downloads by FIFADome & FIFAPlanet

    Excellent work guys, now i can play my career with St. Pauli with more details.
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    FIFA 13 ESPN Graphics

    Is there any other way to use these graphics? I followed the tutorial and everything worked out, but some things are still in English, such as the height of the players, which is measured in feet and meters used in Brazil.
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    El Gordito's Boots

    Thanks for sharing your great job
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    Fifa 12 Euro Kits + Real Names

    no problems bro about the screens can be a 3 or 4 teams are not licensed.
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    Stadiums 2012

    bro please, stop spamming the thread, since it is the third in which you make the same request.
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    Scoreboards by Pinheiro (FIFA 12)

    I want a long time update a cupa libertadores, with real fonts and colors for each team, but unfortunately i have short on time, but I probably still can do in these next few weeks.
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    Scoreboards by Pinheiro (FIFA 12)

    bro, check this post, he talks about the numbering of the scoreboards, you will need to make a copy and rename according to each league. here
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    .:: EXCLUSIVE Scoreboard Designer 2012 ::.

    I feel that some guys here, being someone's lawyer. I know the story of the "big MD," but I will not get this merit. Until I realized that some guys around here, when they are behind a monitor, feel the owners of the world. I will not remove any word they said, will not go into a ridiculous...
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    Scoreboards by Pinheiro (FIFA 12)

    no problems about the question bro, and yes, you can use in online mode, I also use, it will not affect anything!
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    .:: EXCLUSIVE Scoreboard Designer 2012 ::.

    Monkey Dragon is a joke, and reg cat warned , sounds like another one of those children who come to show her beautiful toy, but do not want to let anyone play.
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    Fifa 12 CPU Transfers issue

    guys, see this thread,can help. here but remember, as well as files "doctor+" you guys need regenerate to work.
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    svence Stadiums thread

    We still see carrick making requests only for his glorious "upton park" and he still wants to talk about disputes "petty."
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    UEFA Euro 2012 DLC - Unlicensed Roster Update Patch

    and you intend to review your update after this release?
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    Asian kits by R.Boni

    no problem bro, thanks for your reply
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    UEFA Euro 2012 DLC - Unlicensed Roster Update Patch

    Robbie, in my game I've added the kits, but i realized that it will be necessary do the same process. Remove Big files. and Bh and puts them in the game folder. And for the GK kits i tried using the revolution mod, but nothing happens, my solution was to duplicate the kits in the DB, then gk...
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    UEFA Euro 2012 DLC - Unlicensed Roster Update Patch

    bro, long before to install the patch, i had already deleted everything related to DLC, but i just put back your DB, and now all teams are with real names, thanks for the great job. and now those who are having difficulties, i believe we should follow the procedure indicated by jmmontoro.
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    mogolos and kits

    Mogolos, you could make kits that are generic in the Euro 2012 dlc?
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    Asian kits by R.Boni

    bro, i know that on another project at the moment, but i wonder if you would be interested in the kits of the present teams in Euro DLC, since most are generic, and it would be most useful if you do. Thanks in advance.
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    UEFA Euro 2012 DLC - Unlicensed Roster Update Patch

    Robbie, i believe you released the wrong DB, for the banners and the boots work perfectly. I do not wanna to compare the works, but when entering the DB made ​​by Ariel from the Ukraine with names correct, everything seems normal, but put your DB, and there is no change, Ukraine...