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    A incredible goal...Super curve!

    Links don't work?
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    How to kick free kick in WE10 to get accurate shoot?

    Practice. It's a different game.
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    How Can I Get My Hands On WE9LE?

    Get WE9LE from here Although WE10 would probably be a better idea.
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    improve grass patch

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    WE10 jap out now

    Just got WE10 from play-asia delivered today. Lot of good points but as always a few things they managed to make worse including the keepers who drop almost every shot aimed at them, resulting in a race to the rebound and an easy goal as well as lots of corners. Also the pitch looks very fuzzy...
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    Real player names

    All the real names can be seen at (for PES5 but the lists are virtually identical) But buying a Max Drive and downloading a fully updated and corrected option file is the best option. Saves you many days of editing so you can get straight to...
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    Playing online Default but with Custom Teams

    Maybe he's patched his game and edited some teams. Which means he could also be playing with player stats to his own preference.
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    camera zoom

    Try using the tile angles by pressing L1/R1.
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    Got the game, got a question

    You probably want to buy one of these:$&r=0&l=1&ProdID=211 and then download option files to transfer to your memory card using it. Check to make sure it works on your version of the PS2. Lack of relevent information in your post...
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    WE9 option file HERE

    No. That's still a forum link. Have you seen this sticky thread? It's called "BIG list of free file hosting sites!!" Upload your file to and and post the links you get here so people can download it. Many thanks.
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    WE9 option file HERE

    Post a download link for all the people.
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    Link:PES 5 OptionFile with 100% complete winter transfers

    You should really label the thread better so people know it's a PC option file. And you should mirror the file at these more reliable sites: :jambo:
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    The Header techniqs

    What does that mean? No there are no gauges for normal crosses.
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    Shirts tucked?

    Why do people make these extremely strange requests? Are you the mom of these players? Let them have their shirts how they like! :bob:
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    Kent Pes5 Tournament Tips and hints please?

    Firstly I wouldn't recommend 5 minute matches as they do not involve much skill (be first to score and then hang on to the lead) as it may upset some people. I doubt you'll need bouncers but I don't know your area so :bob: You should get in touch with calculus who organises the London...