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    How do you like FIFA08 demo?

    The conclusion here is many people are down with this year of FIFA(maybe past version as well?)...:mad: Cuz of the same-same & same graphics engine that been used in the game, no next-gen that been apply to 360 & PS3. In a first sight, it seems like the EA's staff doesnt make a correct...
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    Javyol`s WorkShop

    Is there anybody that have an ability to reconstruct a new boot model(.O file)???? cuz the 'EA PC version' boot model is look like my room doors stopper! XBOX360's boot model is the best!...but nobody know how to convert them.... i...(maybe you all!) would like to see the new model...
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    Creation Centre 2007 Released

    This thing is a F***ing Editing Machine!:bob: it also have a great interface too!:bob:
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    help with (( cfg_pc_h )) setting.....

    i have already make the RENDER_RATE_MODE = 2 but the mess is still exist..... maybe something got to do with this one...... PLAYER_LOD_HIGH_NEAR = -1.0 PLAYER_LOD_HIGH_FAR = 1.806 PLAYER_LOD_MED_NEAR = 1.856 PLAYER_LOD_MED_FAR = 0.714 PLAYER_LOD_LOW_NEAR = 0.764 PLAYER_LOD_LOW_FAR =...
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    help with (( cfg_pc_h )) setting.....

    please help me...... this is the prob that i had now.... look at rooney arms..... any solution with the LOD setting in 'cfg_pc_h'????
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    help with (( cfg_pc_h )) setting.....

    can anybody upload the edited LOD setting for a high-spec PC?..... cuz another thread have it but, the download link is not working.....:$ so me.
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    Listen up all you people who have the full PC version!

    can anybody make the download 'link' work.... or anybody please upload this setting.... please...
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    1GF Face Thread.

    OMFG!!! that's awesome!!! but, the face is to wide for Drogba.... make it real...
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    1GF Face Thread.

    can you make Boulahrouz face more angry? cuz that one looked like a good & innocent man....
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    How do i make keepers better?

    use Legendary mode (by completing all challanges).... the keeper will stunning!
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    -daugaard- FIFA07 soccer Balls

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    Rinaldo, please read this......

    thanx for the words.... but, i want Rinaldo to say it by himself..... maybe his will up with something'.....
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    Rinaldo, please read this......

    can you detailed it up..... i'm stuck there....
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    -daugaard- FIFA07 soccer Balls

    can you make MLS ball????
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    Piwskozulik Face Thread

    hey, i saw that in the FIFA Korea' download zone..... anyway that face has blow my brain out'..... so awesome!