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    white_knight's Scoreboards

    yes ! alway impossible to assigne scoreboard with league timo ?:rhizome:
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    TV Scoreboard Changer

    just clik man....:rhizome:
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    TV Scoreboard Changer

    hello all so actually its always IMPOSSIBLE to add scoreboard for one tournament ONLY like for bpl ? beacauze when im change scoreboard all leaugue have THE SAME... only TV scoreboard by M.dragon have option for change destination league only BLP and Germany its possible... solution for SERIA...
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    Philastro67's Adboards

    please texture picths for other league too
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    Jgp 16

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    ivansoto18´s Adboards

    thks for your work ! i dont know how import your file with cm 16 im using andy db for profit animated adboards i hope i can profite your files with your pack (data folder ?):dance:
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    Grinsmonster's Graphics

    :mike: thks you for your work bro can you male goael net for ligue 1 plz?
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    TV Logo Changer

    :mike:ITS work for me thks you
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    Cesc's Graphics

    thanks you for ypour work bro :dance: it work perfecly !!! but ligue 1 ?
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    Andy's Animated Adboards

    hello andy i like your work im using MW and i dont know how but now my animated adboards works fine (edit cl ini importation table i think lol ) its really amazing !!! :taz: im playing only with friends in friendly match so really thks you. just questions : only 3 club french have animated...
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    ivansoto18´s Adboards

    hello im using MW updated for my fifa 16 i have edit my CL files with STADIUM_USE_LEGACY_ADBOARDS=1 im ONLY play in friendly with my friends , adboards work for many club but not england club (default sony 4 playstation etc).. when i change to STADIUM_USE_LEGACY_ADBOARDS=0 all club restarst to...
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    TV Logo Changer

    hi monkey yv logo changer dont load folder loaction of game ... can you help me please i have try all; beccause its demo ? i dont know
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    Scoreboard + TV Popups Works

    hi MONKEY tv logo changer dont load folder loaction for fifa 16 demo can you help me ? i have try all