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    Ok. It was sounding a little meme-like.
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    SimonTheMime Megathread

    Wow, somebody didn't get the vibrator he wanted for Christmas.
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    SG's Babe 2013 - Semifinal 1

    Seriously Candice loses to a girl with a man face?
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    The Lionel Messi is a c u n t thread

    It's obvious he wanted more money from that event so he can pay for those taxes he owes.
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    2013-14 UEFA Champions League Thread

    Haven't seen much of them.
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    Question of the Week: Looking Back at the 2012 Draft

    Yeah, none of your CBs are up there with the best,
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    2013 SG Draft Competition -- Group C

    My tiebreaker vote goes to Team Murica.
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    Fifa99 with Windows XP

    Anybody please???