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    FIFA10 Kits by Tima55region

    Excellent kits. However, I'm not a big fan of having all the players with the 10 number. There's plenty of patches who can do that feature. I hope you reconsider that, and have them without any numbers. And as always, thanks a lot for your job. P.D. I don't know if the Adidas Jabulani logo on...
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    Nono2cool - Minikits

    You are the man, Nono. Thank you very much. Maybe I'll come back to bother you with some requests later, if you don't mind... ;)
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    Nono2cool - Minikits

    Hats off to you, my man.
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    National Team minikits

    You're the man.
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    Moscor's Minikits 2009/2010

    Sweet job with those minis, even though those aren't precisely my favorite design.
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    Pepis workshop - season 09/10

    Hey. I always wanted to ask how do you add those referee flags to the game.
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    Cinematics Patch 10! Lots of tips needed...

    Now that's what I call good feedback! Thanks! I'll let you know if that glitch appears on other stadiums. Once again, thanks.
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    Cinematics Patch 10! Lots of tips needed...

    Hi, I love your patch. It's amazing. But, I don't know if anyone else been having the same problem, but when games are hosted at Signal Iduna, when the formations popup appears, instead of a high view of the stadium, a black screen appears. It's not a big deal (no game crash), but I wanna know...
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    Nono2cool - Minikits

    Thanks, man! I hope to see that work of yours. BTW...awesome pack. Any chance of doing them EA-style?
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    Nono2cool - Minikits

    Man...that's bad news... However, which ones did you made? The problem is that some of the kits in the game aren't the same as the original ones (wrong sponsors or are generics) In case you wonder, I've got 'em from this thread:
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    Nono2cool - Minikits

    Dude, remember the request I made you before! :D
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    FV.Jelle (MINI)Kits

    Is there a chance you would make an Austrian Bundesliga 09/10 minikit pack?
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    :.:Master Pi a Gi Kits:.:

    MEO as in mine? Right? Excellent job.
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    Referee collars

    Hi, again. I wonder if anyone of you know how to change all the referee kit collars, from collar 0 to collar 8?
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    Kits by LucianoCP

    Dude. Awesome Gremios. But no minikits?