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    Brightness question

    In FIFA 12 and other regular series, players and kits in night has aame brightness compared to day but in Champions League 06-07 and Euro 2008 game, kits and players are really bright in night game. Which file made the differences?
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    Great kits. (Y)
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    Rumours Center

    Bendtner (Sunderland) to BL winner Dortmund.
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    _wolff_ Kit Works

    what do you mean for?
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    Amature kit by mh25

    Good kits, thank you.
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    Kits for season 12/13 by DoMiNaToR

    Well made works.
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    Skeletor Manchester United Retro Kits

    Nice work for United kits!
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    Confirmed Transfers

    His quite past his peak and not playing for NT for 1+half years...
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    The Not-So-Glamorous Leagues Round-up [P+R]

    So it's likely to see that Giroud topscorer + Montpellier winning L1, oh, OM screwed..
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    RORSCHACH - Brazilian Kits

    Nice kits to see (:)
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    UEFA EURO 2012 actually from EA Sports

    Poland did have fake kits in a fifa series for a quite time right?
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    So group B will be a group of 4 possible qualifiers for first thought but it could be more reasonable that Mexico and Swiss is more close.
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    csokifudzsi's kit portfolio

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    New Kits 2012/2013

    does slovenia kit design resemble mountain?
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    arrange teams in knockout tournaments

    Isn't there an option to add/remove teams?