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    Defensive Strategy Question and Help!

    Slide tackle from behind always works for me? :innocent_smile_1: But I always finish with less men than I started with.
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    adidas Live Season (x360)

    haha thats funny. Have you tried looking this up on the internet.
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    FIFA 09 to FIFA future title Wish List

    Have all the players names recorded by SMithe and Gray. It's real annoying playing manager mode 5 seasons in and none of the players names are recorded. Especially the ones that are good like Pato, dos Santos and Bojan.
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    FIFA 09 Best Youngs

    Is this applicable to consoles too?
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    Manager Mode Starting 11 /Roster

    It's about that time again. Eveyone should be far enough in their manager mode to get to the second season, so I just wanted to know what your lineups are and what your player ranks are, and the team you're playing with. Manchester United (Season 2) ($22mil) Van der Sar - 90 Sergio Ramos -...
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    Managerial mode Players growth

    Do the young players ever grow from the height they begin with? Because right now Bojan is 5-8 and Pato is 5-10, and they look like men amoung boys, which they are in the year 2008, but it's2009 in my season and I don't notice any growth? Can anyone with these players tell me if they grow?
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    WTF is up with FIFA 09

    I think they want the good players to be good compared to the average players, so by making them fast it makes them appear to be that much better. p.s. : Ronaldo really is that fast :innocent_smile_1: (Y)
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    Manager Mode: Spending Strategy

    Decent, I always buy decent scouted players and free agents and never play them and sell them for money. Also if I have a younger player who is just 1-2 points worse than an older one, I'll sell the old one, for more money and play the young one.
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    Scoring on Breakaways...?

    I have the same exact problem, only I play on professional. And when I try to change direction slightly my player always makes a hard cut and gets the ball taken.
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    One Player Mode, fun or not?

    On 360 at Professional level its pretty fair.
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    This feature is cool, it's better than having the automatic ones of past year. I don't know why you're complaining, If you don't like it they give you a way to skip it.
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    What is the deal with the referee?

    I think it depends on the difficulty, when I played on Amateur mode, it was nearly immpoisble to get a striahgt red card.
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    FIFA 08 Tips, Hints, Strategies

    As stated 2 posts above, I would love a guide on how to take defenders 1v1 And don't listen some people, in your guides, you state when they are exploits, so if they don't like them, to bad.
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    any question about fifa 08 for xbox 360

    Check your schedule, maybe the games don't start until later in the season.