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    Hi5 Stars

    I know that. But here i will put only some beautiful girls :-D
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    Hi5 Stars

    Hello. I just opened a blog with hi5 stars. There will be only beautiful girls from hi5. Now are some girls from Romania but in future i will add from all countrys. Here its the link some comments?
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    Stupid girl

    Wow u see tits. WOW AMAZING! 10x Tom ;) :clapwap:
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    Stupid girl

    Look that movie =)) EDIT: Link removed. No nudity, silly. Read the forum rules.
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    Stupid cat

    Funny model =))
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    Stupid cat

    Please don't spit =))
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    Stupid cat

    I will post here more funny movies from my blog if u want...
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    Stupid cat

    Hahahaha look at this cat
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    FC STEAUA BUCHAREST Thread [2007-2008]

    I want Elton back. i see Lacatos want to. If Elton will be back this will be great! I like how Steaua play with otelul. Emegara play fantastic like all player. FORZZA STEAUA!
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    walczu thread []

    Hey mate. You make amazing faces. Great work!
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    $teauA's Sig Thread

    Da e roman :-)
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    Tosiek's Sig Thread

    Nothing for me :(
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    Fictional Soccer Club Request

    You need 100 posts . Read the rulz!
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    Happy birthday Vladinho87

    Thank you very very very much!
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    Dytza minikits

    Hey u are romanian?