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    + The Portuguese Liga Thread +

    We are qualified once again and that´s what matters. Congrats to the team
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    Serie A: AS Roma vs. Juventus Turin

    No he isn´t lying, it has been confirmed by most of the portuguese sports sites. Poor Andrade, he doesn´t deserve this :( Ranieri said that he is devastated. Same knee where he had the previous serious injury.
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    **BREAKING NEWS" Mourinho Has Left Chelsea !!!

    It wouldn´t surprise me. Here´s a quote from a Mourinho´s interview today (i´ll post the translation too) " Voltarei a treinar em Inglaterra, mas não quero que esse seja o meu próximo passo. Tem de ser outro país, outra experiência, outro futebol. Vou ter de escolher entre aprender a língua...
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    **BREAKING NEWS" Mourinho Has Left Chelsea !!!

    It´s not the end of the world for Chelsea. If Roman uses his check book again and Chelsea gets a coach like Lippi they are still strong contenders in my book. The biggest question here is which players will opt to leave Chelsea in the end of the season. Then we will see the real damage made...
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    UCL Group F: Sporting-Manchester United [P+R]

    Hehe i understand your post night but it´s understandable here. Sporting and Benfica have a very fierce rivalry and dispite Ronaldo´s wonderful performances in our national team (diferent circumstances), Benfica fans would never cheer for him. Just like Sporting fans booed Anderson when he got...
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    UCL Group G: Fenerbahce vs Inter

    Deivid :eek:After watching him live in Portugal, who would have thought that the clutz would score the winner against Inter (H)
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    UCL Group F: Sporting-Manchester United [P+R]

    Yep that´s a realistic post. United were pratically flawless in defence. Even so if the result was a 1-1 it wouldn´t shock anyone.
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    UCL Group H: Arsenal-Sevilla [P+R]

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    UCL Group F: Sporting-Manchester United [P+R]

    Yep great match for Van der Sar. I corroborate everything Rui Costa said about Liedson, it´s even worse in our league. I think it´s a matter of time for Miguel Veloso to move abroad too, don´t think he will move to United since they are stacked with central midfielders. An ideal...
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    Euro 2008: France v Scotland

    No Frogs in Austria/Switzerland :D
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    + The Portuguese Liga Thread +

    Back to calculator days. The worst part is that this draw wasn´t really a surprise. Oh and by the way what a left hook by Scolari :gavin:
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    Finland vs. Poland [P+R]

    It´s in Portugal not in Helsinki
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    Scotland v Lithuania

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    Portugal vs. Poland [P+R]

    You may thank Ricardo Poland, make him your national hero
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    Portugal vs. Poland [P+R]

    4 0