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    Middle East war Hezbollah knows how to win the PR game.
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    Middle East war,,19955774-5007220,00.html Very clever actually of Hezbollah. Israel is in a no win situation. A cease fired will means that Hezbollah wins. They will re-armed themselves and we will have another escalation down the road. If Israel continues the...
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    EA's new slogan, quantity over quality

    This news was on gamesbiz a few days back. Apparently there is a lawsuit going on.
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    Tara Reid???

    Those scars around the nipples are scarry. Looks like someone got a boob job... Warning!!! NSFW....
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    Interview with Seabass (big man from Konami)

    It's not due to the limitations of the PS2 as to why online was not implemented. It's more like SONY pissed-poo online infrastructure and KONAMI not having their own servers. Read what Seabass said about online for PS2. If SONY wants to compete with Microsoft, they need to build a better...
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    PES4 tops UK charts

    Wow. What a difference does a little licensing and getting stars players endorsing the game make. Imagine if Konami did spent the money on the EPL license. This is good for Konami but it won't last. FIFA 2004 is still doing well on the chart. FIFA2005 will retake the lead after a few weeks.
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    ESPN Champions League Crap AGAIN!

    One reason. David Beckham. ESPN thinks that Beckham is the only player that can attract a good American rating. Just look at their highlights if there are any on SC. Most soccer highlights involve Beckham.
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    I think people on this forum have lost focus on why a forum exists

    Jesus. I know some Fifa dork would harp on my back about that comment. What I meant to say that the FIFA forum (spefically this one) was never really about gameplay. It is more focus on editing. If you want to talk about gameplay, go to the official EA forums.
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    I think people on this forum have lost focus on why a forum exists

    Re: I think people on this forum have lost focus on why a forum exists That's because you are in the wrong section of the forum. There is a support part of the forum. Have a look there for technical support. As far as discussion about tips and gameplay goes, this has always been an issue...
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    the gameplay is just toooooooo sucks!!

    Re: the gameplay is just toooooooo sucks!! And here is what Danny Isaac have to say about that: Sorry that you didn't like FIFA2005 little buddy. We did our best to make it the best footie game possible. We did. But do we really care about what you or any fans think? We're still...
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    Importing PES4 XBOX version?

    That sucks. Why do I have the feeling that WE8I for the XBOX will not have online feature.
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    Importing PES4 XBOX version?

    Sorry if these are loaded questions, but is anyone in the US or outside of Europe planning on importing PES4 for the XBOX? I love to play online but I don't if I can because I have a NTSC XBOX. I am assuming you have to have a modchip to play import but wouldn't XBOX Live detect the mod chip?
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    At last! Konami confirms on-line

    My 2 cents on this whole online business. 1. Microsoft and Konami's partnership with PES4 benefit both company. Microsoft was very shrewd to get KONAMI to agree to have PES4 online with XBOX Live. Microsoft realizes that having PES4 online can only boost the sales of the XBOX console in...
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    WE8 not for pc. (and question for training

    Re: WE8 not for pc. (and question for training The PC version of WE8 will not be release anytime soon. You have to remember that Japanese gamers are not big with PC games. WE7I (PC version) for the North American market was release well after the PC version of PES3. Expect PES4 for the...
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    So what yall pes gangsters think bout fifa 2005 demo

    It's a pre-alpha demo guys. Danny Isaac said that the gameplay will be on par with PES/WE ;) . Seriously, I think it is better than FIFA 2004. But like Wolf said, there is something missing from the game that is not right. Call it passion or a lack of aunthentically capturing the game, but...