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    What's your unforgettable experience?

    i think i've posted something in the previous similar thread cos i feel a deja-vu, but yeah i was just thinking earlier today about a perfect pass which lead to a simple 1v1 tap in last summer. i got the ball on the left flank half way of the pitch, ran forward, cut a bit inside while seeing...
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    torn acl

    hello fellow acl injury victims. Eng4WorldCup hows your knee now after a year and some? i've done my left leg acl in november and had the surgery just before new year, so it's been 7 weeks from the operation. started walking without crutches around 9 days after the operation, was walking...
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    Best moment ever

    Saving a penalty when playing as a stand-in goalie...pure comedy
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    Stand up if you've won the league! . . . sort of.

    Won a junior league when I was 8 and won the 4th division when I was 18. Though I was injured for the last games of the that season. But scored a few nice goals. So it was mint.
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    Essien Threatens Strike

    Lyon have a contract, a lawful contract to keep Essien at the club for another 3 years. They have every right to name the price they want for the player and the player does not have anything to say how much the price should be. Even I would not sell Essien for 21 mil, maybe the 32 mil is too...
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    "Shifty and wash's career thread"

    Essien is listed as AMRC, but his hidden stats tell that he is also DM with attributes of 18-20, cant remember which. To prove this he was really ace when I played him in a defensive role at Lyon, and he could fill the rightwing aswell so he is a really good option.
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    Scoring own goals

    I scored a headed own goal when i was little and sometimes at practise i used to score own goals for fun haha
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    Confirmed Transfers (2005-2006)

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    The "What team should I be" Thread

    Club America or Cruz Azul
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    your winning 11?

    Current Atl Madrid team: 1st line-up Ochoa Seitaridis-Andrade-Pablo-Del Horno Donovan-Ferguson-Källström-Yeste D'Alessandro Torres 2nd line-up Fabre Velasco-Perea-Escude-Lopez Gavilan-Luccin-Colsa-Gronkjaer Ibagaza Morientes + Nano Pique Jona Kranjcar Moya
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    FM05 *Goalkeeper Player Guide*

    NAME Francisco Guillermo Ochoa AGE 19 NATIONALITY Mexican CLUB Club America [Mex] VALUE (that they will sell at) 2,5m£ - 5,5m£ VERSION 5.0.2 DATABASE SIZE - COMMENTS One of the best keeper I've had so far. Bought him to my Atletico Madrid game and after 2 seasons he has grown to be a...
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    tips on improving my shooting power?

    Fill the ball with air so its really like a stone. Then kick it and you will learn good technique to strike the ball without hurting your feet and it gives you power aswell. You'll see the results after a while when you try a softer more normal ball.
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    Sickest Goal You've Ever Scored

    Last year I scored a solo run goal. I had played left wing and scored 1 goal already and then the coach made a substitution and I went to play left back. I got the ball in our own half and I just went for it. I evaded a few tackles and I saw the last defender was gonna make a slider so I tapped...