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    FC Bayern München Thread [2012/2013]

    It was a nice free-kick. I watched for about 10 minutes before I realized that CSKA decided to just park the bus which was a stupid idea because they're incapable of doing it and it looks like Bayern dominated the rest of the match. So I switched over to the United game and Leverkusen look...
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    TV Shows aka Sir Didier being upset that non-hipsters like Game of Thrones

    The new sitcom pilots have been quite poor. I think Brooklyn 99 has some potential but Dads and We Are Men were really awful.
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    Still Champions of Europe [2013-14]

    That's three poor performances in a row. The lack of defensive central midfielders is catching up. Hazard's final pass has been bad two games in a row. I liked Oscar in the last game but didn't like Schurrle being taken out, his finishing wasn't good but he made chances. I think best thing...
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    [PROJECT] Fifa 07 Mega Patch 10-11

    Has anyone worked on the main leagues like EPL, Bundesliga, national teams?
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    Fifa 07 update 09-10

    I don't mean to be critical guys but this roster update definetely isn't 09-10, it still includes players like Oliver Kahn as the starting German goalie.
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    Anyone have a FIFA 07 Classic Patch?

    I've seen that one but can't even download it. I see people making a lot of patches but it'd be nice just to have a classic one because it doesn't ever get out-dated. You can add to it with new teams (like the Spanish team which just won) but you don't have to change stuff like transfers with a...
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    Anyone have a FIFA 07 Classic Patch?

    Was wondering if anyone had a classic/legends patch which could be installed without using CM 07. Also, is there a performance patch for FIFA 07? (I'm using a laptop with an integrated Intel graphics card).
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    FIFA World Cup 2010 Add-on

    Guys, is there a way to install this without using creation master? CM 07 doesn't work right for me because I'm using Windows 7 and 64 bit, it always gives a 'can't locate FIFA' etc type of message and never lets me save even though everything is in the default folder. I'd be happy to manually...
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    how about some horrible referees in the world cup ?

    Klose barely made contact on the first yellow and the referee's supposed to at least give a warning but he didn't even do that. As for some of the other referees, this is what happens when you appoint referees who officiate games in small leagues from Mali or KSA or wherever. Btw, the Spanish...
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    Empty Seats

    I wish that the World Cup was always in western Europe or Scandinavia or Italy or somewhere, and I live in Canada. I think that the variance in weather is always good when it's in western Europe because you get rain and heat, the atmosphere seems to be great, and the countries can usually host...
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    World Cup 2010 PL - Matchday 2

    Group A Wednesday, June 16th South Africa - Uruguay (forgot to write the score on this game) Thursday, June 17th France - Mexico 1-1 Group B Thursday, June 17th Greece - Nigeria 0-2 Argentina - Korea Republic 2-1 Group C Friday, June 18th Slovenia - USA 0-2 England - Algeria 3-0 Group D...
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    FIFA Online Beta?

    There isn't a section for this so I'll post this here. Anyways, I decided to give FIFA Online Beta a try since the amount of fouls on PES 5 and arcadiness on PES 2010 along with the known FIFA problems have frustrated me. FIFA Online Beta also runs smoothly on my laptop unlike FIFA 10 for some...
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    WC Matchday 3: [ALG Vs SVN] + [SRB Vs GHA] + [GER Vs AUS]

    Don't the Aussies have a 'resilient' defence nowadays? Then again, you don't have Guus Hiddink to get you by :P If one game opens up the scoring in this tournament then this should be the one. Although I've heard that Algeria are just awful and don't deserve to be at the tournament so maybe the...
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    The vuvuzela's actually lessen the atmosphere despite how noisy they are. Also hard to hear what the match commentators say at times.
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    World Cup 2010 PL - Matchday 1

    Have entered into so many pools that by this point, I don't care anymore, am willing to make some slightly bold predictions in hope to get it right in at least one pool. World Cup 2010 Topscorer - David Villa World Cup 2010 Winner - Brazil Group A Friday, June 11th South Africa - Mexico 2-3...