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    Best Goals In Gif

    Not in GIF but i wanted to show anyway! hope you like it. A few of my goals scored with PES6
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    Does PES2008 support NVIDIA Quadro cards?

    Do you have 4gb installed, running 64bit. Try disabling "memory remap" in your bios.
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    PC DEMO first impressions

    I installed it on Vista 64. The only thing is that i can only choose 480 or 720 (HD?) but can only choose low quality.:mad: ( I have a 24" DELL and run 1920x1200) C2D E6600 4GB PC6400 Asus 8800GTS 640mb Getting errors that my computer does not meet the min. specs. and i do not have 64mb VRAM.
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    (Vista) online connection bad!

    I have a draytek 2900 router and having the problem that i have a terrible connection. All oponents have a "/" in there connection status. I have tried almost everything to get this problem fixed. Checked the right port forward, Firewall OFF, DMZ on router. I also have a WRT54G router and...
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    Screensaver activated during play.

    thx for the reply...but i would like to have a solution and not a workaround. Disabling the standby mode is not an option.
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    Screensaver activated during play.

    When playing PES6 my screen switches in standby mode. I quickly give my mouse a push and i can continue. The game still goes on and does not go into pause ... this is very annoying when playing online. I'm running Vista (can remember having this issue also with PES5 under XP....not sure though)
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    PES6 pc Opinions

    btw ... is it possible to play with a mate online vs CPU
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    PES6 pc Opinions

    I agree with you on this point ... CPU is defending way on opp. half.
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    PES6 pc Opinions

    My opinion: I think PES5 runs smoother.. Let's put it this way.... It feels like it's becoming fifa gameplay. Slower, not in touch/feeling with ball speed. (don't know how else to put it). It's like the CPU decides how the passing is done. Terrible control over team mates. :kader: .. i've...
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    Just wanted to share my best goals and boost my ego :)

    I'v been playing PES 4 for a year now and 5 a few months.. I'm finally getting to the point where i'm playing five stars and win also :rockman: . And with some nice goals too. So here they are : My Goals I love watching other peoples goals too post em while watching mine
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    kitserver 5.2.0 (full WC kits + balls)

    Same here when changing players during the game
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    WC Round of 16: Portugal vs Netherlands [P] + [R]

    @ Silence ... Let them be.. We lost. fair ..not ...fair....who knows? Portugal wasn't great. Maybe with Ronaldo it would have been. I wasn't our day ..the ball just wouldn't go in. But don't give me that crap about Heitinga not playing fair and get kicked for that. F*ck ...Portugal should...
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    The Wolf PES5 Superpatch 1.0.1 Easy Install

    Will it still work with my nocd version ? i do not play online.
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    The Wolf PES5 Superpatch 1.0.1 Easy Install

    Does it contain a .exe file that doesn't require a CD/DVD ? :fluffy:
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    Horizontal lines problem

    I'm running on 60hz refreshrate on a ATi card. Will have a look in my settings if i can find it.