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    High Quality Flags by Geißbock23

    Hi, newbe here. Can anyone explain me how to get there into the game? I have no idea how.
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    [FIFA12] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    Can anyone tell me what are "slider settings" and where do I find them?
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    Fifa 12 i68Regenerator

    Hi there, I am new to this. Ok so I installed Fidel's gameplay evolution 2.0 and in the instructions it says that after installation you need to click "take care of edited files stored in folders" in i68regenerator so I downloaded this. First thing, it is in italian, and since I can't speak it I...
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    Newbies Introduce Yourselves...

    Hello there, my name is Toxic, will not my real name, and I am from Serbia. I have played Fifa for like forever and am a big fan of soccer. My favourite teams are Manchester U, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. I don't really have a top favourite team. I am totally new to Fifa modding but I have...