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    Why is this three separate mods? What order do I put them in for FMM?
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    CaptainKidd FIFA Mods

    Your mods are entirely incompatible with TU9.
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    FIFA 22 | Enhanced Gameplay w/Sliders | #0.3

    Is this mod still being supported?
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    CaptainKidd FIFA Mods

    Are these mods compatible with TU8?
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    EEP 22 1.0

    Hi, Slim. The Egyptian National Team us appearing in the team list as "Meltin' Vibz" on the Team Sheets page. Do you know if this can be easily fixed through something like the Live Editor or will this need an update later down the road?
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    FIFA 22 | Enhanced Gameplay w/Sliders | #0.3

    So is this like the old Paulv2K gameplay mods?
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    EEP 22 1.0

    Appreciate your hard work, man. Question, do you have plans on incorporating a team sheet editor for EEP? I've used a couple other realism mods where you could alter the team sheets for other clubs you're not playing as.
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    EEP 22 1.0

    I have a question with regards to your patch. You say Live Editor is required to get the minifaces working. Is there a tutorial in which to do this?
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    Patch Brazuka 21 (14 new leagues without replacing any other and 22 new National Teams + Realism and Gameplay Mod)

    Is this conversion compatible with Frostbite mod launchers? I want to run this with paulv2k4's gameplay realism mod.
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    FIFA Editing Tool 21

    Do you have plans to incorporate .fbmod and .lmod support into your mod manager?
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    EEP 21

    Question: You mention that this patch supports Club World Cup. Does it also include support for other international competitions such as CONCACAF Champions League and other CWC qualifiers?
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    FIFA21 NAC 2.1 126 National teams

    With regards to 1, I would recommend keeping the US Open Cup for your mod as the winner of the cup earns entry into the CONCACAF Champions League. Qualifications go to the winner of the MLS Cup, USOC Winner, Supporters Shield winners (or the team that wins the most points during regular season)...