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    Can you do this in PC version? If so... HOW!
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    Keyboard and Mouse movement controls

    Has anyone tried out with these? I see to be getting the hang out of but I have no idea how to do the chip shot, or finesse shot with them? Same with crossing, used to double tap for low cross now I have no idea. I like the system tho, its nice being able to place passes absolutely...
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    Uefa Euro 2008 Demo is here :)

    Sounds like EA
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    Liverpool - Inter [R]

    1-0 Inter, my prediction. Liverpool had a hard enough time scoring with a man advantage for 2/3rd of the game at Home. They wont score in Milan.
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    Liverpool - Inter [R]

    Inter doesn't count as an Italian team, we all know it :p
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    AC Milan Thread [07/08]

    Thanks for making Canadians look like idiots to the eyes of the world.
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    Liverpool - Inter [R]

    Hey English fans get that stick out of your ass. Dont you think theres a reason why the english national team never goes anywhere and why both Spanish and Italian teams enjoy much greater success in the champions league? Italy Clubs - 25 Appearances in CL Finals Spanish Clubs - 20...
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    AC Milan Thread [07/08]

    Excellent match boys.. the brazilian trio... simply awesome. Were still shaky in the back though.. Though apparently were going on a 100 million euro spending fee this summer to boyster up the ranks.
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    Champions League 2007-2008

    Ahem.. this is what Man U fans all said last year before the 2 legs.. we all know what happened. Realistically though I can't predict this... but if your just gonna write off Milan cause their "old" then.. you got another thing coming. Thats what every Man U fan said last year, and I...
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    Fifa 08 Gameplay Is Sh!t!!

    Play more.. the gameplay is actually a lot better then 07 having played both a lot. It took me awhile to get good at 08 but I play in World Class no problem now. Just keep at it.
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    Welcome Sir. Fabio Capello

    England hiring the skills of italian managers.. love it.
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    Club World Cup 2007

    I wouldn't call it a weak game.. Milan dominated, they just can't finish or should i say Gila can't finish. Imagine if we had a real striker up front, with all the support they'd get from the likes of Pirlo and Kaka, this game would have ended 4-0.
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    CL Matchday 6: AS Roma vs. Manchester UTD [P+R]

    Inter?? Please.. Milan way before Inter.
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    Ballon d'Or [R]

    perhaps if he wasn't such a cry baby. take a look at the 3:11 mark of this clip. Watch C Ronaldo in the background once Kaka gets the ball and comes storming towards the Man U defense.