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    FiFa 12 GamePad problem

    I fix the problem with that program -
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    FiFa 12 GamePad problem

    Hello. I have a problem with my new GamePad and FIFA 12... When someone pass to me the ball the player push it too long forward... And i cant do fients.. When watching the Controls i see for Player move is - LS When i search for fients its not writed RS its another and cant to change it to...
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    Newbies Introduce Yourselves...

    Hi my name is Svetlozar to 18years. I am from Bulgaria. Im fan of Manchester United. My Origin ID is - Sv_Bozhinov94 (Like my nick here) My Ultimate Team name - Manchester. :P
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    FIFA 13 - Wishlist

    Bulgarian League! League A,League B So much Bulgarian players play FIFA and they waiting someone from Bulgaria to make a BFL (Bulgarian Football League) Patch to can play with our teams.
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    FIFA 13 - First Details

    Next Great game... I will buy it when i watch the videos i cant wait more for it :D