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    Cm 06

    yer some team in peru i think ill look at history l8r n let u all now he cost me about 10 grand lol
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    Cm 06

    Well i bought the new champ manager 06 for the xbox the other day and started off as notts county in league 2 i finished 3rd in the first season and got promoted to leage 1 i have signed some quality players in Faustino Asprilla,Adam Le Fondre,Liu Xiaofeng in my first season with a couple of...
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    Kettering Town, Conference North.

    i hammered the conference south with Weymouth with 103 points but was offered the Donny Rovers job and took it 3 games in conference national season 1 free transfer for conf north/south if u have the welsh league in search for Tim Nunnerley is decent back up despite his stats
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    My A-League FM2006 - QLD Roar

    does a lad by the name called Ronnie Bull play for the nz knights on the game ?? btw way how many leagues u got in and on what spec
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    challenge for xbox 01/02

    ajaccio it is !! i will start later and post you what i do on main forum ... i will have england (conference) and france in it i know a few rough diamonds i could buy sp it should be good thanks Stu
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    challenge for xbox 01/02

    wot about a team to manage ?? plus any other considerations for a country p.s the country with most nominations will be added
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    challenge for xbox 01/02

    hi i am looking for a challenge to do and diary for here i will keep youy informed every so often you will not be dissapointed no screenshots though but mark my word i will not lie i would also want one to suggest 1 more country as i will be having the conference as its a good way to loan your...
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    Promising Left Back For Championship

    there is a left back who plays in Holland division 1 for Telstar whose potential
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    The "What team should I be" Thread

    i have been the Indian bank or something in india ... there are ok i manged to take 3 players from england there from league 2 Ronnie Bull, Efe Echanomin and Sos Yao ended up winning the league 3 years in a row ... well boring winning them all
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    Friendlies, Friendlys

    i played rotherham with grimsby in psf and got 150,000
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    FM Screenshot Showoff

    i was grimsby in the league 2 playoff final went 3-0 up at half time came out and with 5 minutes to go i was losing 4-3 a pinault penalty and a dean gordon winner in the last few minutes of xtra time made me win :D
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    Stu Cox's Barmy Army !!! GTFC

    Resigned as manager of Grimsby Port Vale beating us 7-1 was the last straw im now manager of conference north's newly promoted team Gateshead.
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    Stu Cox's Barmy Army !!! GTFC

    LDV VANS SEMI FINAL GRIMSBY 1 - 4 BLACKPOOL Joe Lightowler actuallly put us in front but with Richardson debutising with a young Midfielder Robert Burns (carnt remember) But anyway the season has now ended and i got grimsby into the playoffs with something like 2 defeats in 20 games but...
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    Stu Cox's Barmy Army !!! GTFC

    July 2004 and with the sacking of Nicky Law fresh in the minds of grimsby fans the board decided to turn to a youthful manager and it ended up been no other then the local lad Stu Cox who playing carrear doesnt say much as it was ended last season due to a knee injury. Cox who played for...
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    some1 ask me a team to challenge eng 3/conf only

    kk Oki doki a diary will be posted on the main board .. what other country should i put in ?