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    can you please share me the files?
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    i have fifa 21, but ingame dont have the superfly version bro
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    can you please share me this shoe texture bro? it would be much appreciated
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    ShadowBoy32 Classic Faces

    hi bro, can you please share cafu faces? thank you !
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    FIFA 21 IDs

    New Hierro? i cant find his new face, can you tell me which id please
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Modding Tool

    i have same problem, it wont load lagacy files after update
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA 21 Modding Tool

    Thanks Paul for great work, i hope that we can mod fifa like back in days. It is great
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    FIFA 21 EA Squad Files

    I also waiting for this too :)
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    FIFA 21 IDs

    so ronaldo, neymar, messi have new faces, does anyone spot anothers faces?
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    ShadowBoy32 Workshop

    i love classic mods, thanks for your work with fifa 20, im looking forward to see your mods in fifa 21 :)
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    squad file with mid icons- all players are 19 years old

    thanks bro, can you please make 3 versions of icons too?
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    Squad Files with Icons

    thanks bro, i was hoping we will get raul long hair style and Torres more variant version.
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    Squad Files with Icons

    thanks for this squad file, can we check if there any the new faces version of all icons yet?
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    Karven Faces

    Nice work on Paynet bro, could you pls share head mesh and other texture files? i want to import it manually. Thanks for your work
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    RFA Youtube's faces in FIFA 20

    Can you guys share beckham face texture please?