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    A good crossing team

    hahaha... simply hilarious!
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    FIFA Manager 07 Thread

    i just got the fifa mgr 2007 and installed the 1st patch too, but cant seem to find the editor. any advice please? the gameplay looks much better than the drunks in 06. btw how come this new game didnt get its own forum?
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    Arsenal v Portsmouth [P/R]

    Captain Gilberto
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    Rome Derby: S.S. Lazio vs. AS Roma

    ledesma was brilliant in the middle of the pitch for lazio, he kept winning possession and really stopped a lot of offensive forays by roma. and mauri was in superb form as usual. mexes, chivu and the rest of roma's defence were in sixes and sevens at the back, you'd think they arent talking...
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    Henrik Larsson to Man Utd

    i read somewhere about a barca fan commenting "we all know larsson wants to go back home, but we didnt know manchester is in sweden" :evil: anyhow, i'll be happy to see larsson play again. over here we dont get tv coverage on swedish league.
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    How you became fan of your fav team?

    during the early 80s as young boy, i would watch "big league soccer" on tv every sunday. it was the highlights show of the then english 1st division matches that were played the week before! no live coverage whatsoever in my part of the world during that time, except the FA cup finals. i was...
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    during the 94 world cup when so many legendary stars played, romania vs switzerland was like hagi vs alain sutter. hagi scored for romania and when sutter equalised with a scorching long shot, the commentator went like this - "...what hagi can do... sutter can do in kind..." simply...
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    inconsistency is his biggest enemy.
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    Prso resigned...

    noticed many older players would resign from the NT right after a major tournament, just like the recent WC. why dont they resign before the coming tournament so other players who are hoping to build up their NT career get to be selected?
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    maniche is a complete midfielder. very effective in attacking and defending. way under-rated...
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    Most Boring team in the WC so far.

    england work faster than sleeping pills.
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    Shevchenko announces he wants Milan Move!

    once again, chelski get their man. :boohoo:
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    Biggest waste of talent in football?

    Stephane Dalmat
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    Help me improve my speed..

    put on those weights on your legs during practice runs from now. you will become a speeding bullet on the actual test day without the weights.
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    Clever Footballers Really Do Exist!

    is it true Beckham is the co-writer of some maths textbooks?