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    Introduce Yourself

    I'm from slovenia and I'm Maribor fan!
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    Serie A

    Any fans of Italian league here? What do you think about 2020/21 season? I'm a big Inter fan since I was young and I think this year is very interesting, almost 5 teams that are capable of wining.
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    World National Patch 08 by gigis1 - RE-UPLOADED

    Is it just me or link doesn't work anymore?
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    Fifa 08 cep 6.0 download

    FIFA 08 is one that I played alot even 4 years later... Nice to see that it's still alive
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    The most realistic gameplay EVER!

    In todays world it's hard to tell what is realistic result and whats not, but I get your point.
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    Presenting a new addictive football fantasy game: Sorare

    Looks nice, I will check it out this weekend
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    NEW FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch Patch v3

    I don't think so
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    Ansu Fati FIFA15

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    FIFA 21 TO FIFA 15

    Good job
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    patch with only national teams ?

    There is also one for FIFA 15