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    I'm done, guys, I'm done.

    I never wanted to be that go-to guy, who everyone is asking about everything. I have enough such problems in real life, I don't need them here as well.

    Prove that you have more than 2 braincells.
    Friend, I'm finishing my Mod do Brasil, could you help me with my DLC for season to start 21/22, I've done everything else just the mistake when I start the season!
    Friend, can I change the loan dates of players in DB Master?I tried to edit by CM 15 and it didn't work!
    Hi Friend, I'm creating a Patch from Brazil, do you know how to clone Formations in DB master? so I can add more teams.
    You mark line you want, click copy, then Insert. You just have to change id of formation and add id of team to a formation you want.
    This on the DB Master? which line are you referring to which name? I'm a little lost if you could do step step you would be very happy!
    Yes, I prefer DB Master.

    "formations" table on the left
    each line is a formation
    "copy" and "insert" are buttons above the table
    formationid and teamid are columns with values
    value under formation id have to be unique, I mean there can not be any duplicates
    teamid is id of team that uses this formiation; -1 means it's generic
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    Friend could you convert this ball from FIFA 16 to FIFA 14?
    Hello Skoczek ! Нow to make the Barcelona cup font complete? As you advised in the FontForge program , I can 't do it , although other fonts when I did they turned out . is there another way ? thanks
    Font has to be in .ttf format
    yes , of course , I save the font in ttf format . I am combining fonts with the "Din Standart" font as you advised . But I don't know why it doesn't work that way (
    The eyes
    Hi, man. I have been searching miniface Noah Ohio from RB Leipzig. If you have this miniface, can you share with me, please. Your it's my last hope
    If someone asks, I have a PayPal account. Don't worry, you won't ever be forced to pay for anything made by me. It's against my rules. But if you ever thought that you have too much money or you don't know what to do with, you can fund me some old FIFA like FIFA 12 or smth
    I don't need pizzas and coffees
    Witam, piszę w sprawie dodatku z reprezentacjami do FIFY 14 (chyba że są też do nowszych wersji). Przeglądam to forum ale jest dość duży bałagan + moja średnia znajomość angielskiego powoduję że nie mogę znaleźć linków do ściągnięcia. Zauważyłem że też jesteś z Polski. Czy mógłbyś mi pomóc gdzie znaleźć najaktualniejszą wersję patchu ?
    Dzięki za odpowiedź, mogę na tym grać jednocześnie eliminacje MŚ np. UEFA i CONCACAF ??
    Nie jestem pewny. Na pewno w odświeżanej przeze mnie wersji tego moda będzie się dało.
    Kiedy tej wersji można się spodziewać ??
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