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    2017 Draft Picks Thread

    SKIPPING RULES NOW IN EFFECT OK everyone, you know the drill. Pick here, no noise, pick posts only. As Juventino can't be here until June 18, we are NOT waiting. You can make first pick from tonight the minute the final whistle blows. However, as there has been some uncertainty about the start...
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    SG Draft 2017 - official sign up thread

    Draft will start the minute the final whistle of the CL final blows on June 2. order will be drawn beforehand. this is official sign up thread. even if you posted before, post here too. it will be a small group this year so entry will be pretty relaxed, anyone who wants to can play, BUT you...
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    QotW: Best managerial performance ever to get relegated

    Marco Silva's Hull going down today despite the wonderful job he has done in very difficult circumstances has led me to think about what other managers covered themselves in glory despite leading their club to relegation. Examples that occur to me from the premier league include Ian Holloway...
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    I would geuinely love to hear your take on the Trump presidency so far.
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    African Cup of Nations 2017

    That time again, the most fun international tournament. No Nigeria. No drogba. Guess I'll still support my Elephants, though I am growing increasingly fond of Algeria NT. Taking place in an increasingly strained political situation in Gabon coming out of controversial elections and a...
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    QotW: The Sack Race

    Who will be the first EPL manager to be sacked (or walk away) this season?
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    Horrible miscarriage of justice!!

    Surely they've got the wrong man!!!
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    Arsenal about to hijack Paul Pogba deal!!!

    Just kidding
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    Premier League Champions 2017-18

    Conte finally free to come manage us. If we try really hard this season and have a bit of luck maybe we can finish 9th
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    Is Zlatan still active, or do we have any other Dutch members?

    I September of this year it is looking likely that I will be moving to Maastricht, Netherlands for at least three years. I don't know much about Dutch football and I need help choosing a football team to support. Once I have made my choice I will need some basic background information and...
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    EURO 2016 Draft :: Statistical Analysis

    Nothing to do with the draft par se, but I was curious to see which nationalities were the most popular with drafters, whether that might form an indicator of which teams we feel will do well and how this will rank up against the bookmaker's odds. I've excluded players who were picked later as...
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    QotW: if Lionel Messi was exposed as a child raping paedophile how would it impact

    If Lionel Messi was exposed as a child raping pedophile how would it impact his reputation as a footballer? Let's face it, if the news broke that Messi has been serially raping children and babies for years and regularly flew off to his child rape dungeons all over the world and sometimes...
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    SG Member Blog Post: Who's Next in the Arse?

    As this season draws to a close, I think it is undeniable that the managerial future of Arsenal Football Club is starting to concern even the most die-hard Wengerites. Whilst the Piers Morgan led fringe, a sizeable fringe, has long been calling for a change in management, the majority of Arsenal...
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    The Adam Johnson appreciation thread

    I can't believe we dont yet have a single thread to celebrate this remarkable English talent.. 0dWsw5EjHO4 Look at these silky skills, I think we'll be seeing a big future from him in the world of football - surely all top clubs will be desperate to get their hands on him. The kid has a...
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    Who do you like best out of Alex and Mandieta6?

    VS The DEFINITIVE vote in the FEUD OF THE CENTURY (Maybe the question should be 'Whom do you hate least?'