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    The Official Arsenal Thread [Season 2006/07]

    Great... More rookies, just what we need :nape: . And splashing out 17 million quid for another forward is just ridiculous. It's the back four that needs to be drastically improved, along with another DM.
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    The Official Arsenal Thread [Season 2006/07]

    Not an encouraging performance to say the least, against City :( . Wenger truly has no choice but to invest in defense. Djourou and Hoyte are just uncapable of coping at EPL level. Frustrating
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    AFC Ajax Amsterdam Thread [2006-2007]

    Even though it's terrible for Dutch football, I couldn't help but smile at Ajax' exit. How an Ajax fan is capable of putting the words 'arrogant' and 'Copenhagen' in the same sentence is beyond me... Ah well, you'll probably never learn ;)
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    WC Refs

    Agreed. While Ivanov wasn't perfect and not fully in control of the match, the players are to blame. Being Dutch, I'm ashamed of 'our' players and the Portuguese should be as well. A disgrace to football. Very few of the cards Ivanov handed out were questionable ( maybe Boulahrouz' second...
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    Dutch Squad Named - No Davids, Seedorf or Makaay

    We're not gonna get anywhere this summer. Van Basten's back four are far too shaky for a serious attempt to even reach the quarterfinals. Quality enough up front, but that's not gonna outweigh our defensive frailties.
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    Villarreal v Arsenal -- Champions League Semi-Final Leg 2 [P/R]

    Arsenal made a disgrace of themselves tonight. Shameful, negative tactics by Wenger, and totally unnecessary too. With so many quality players it is just not right to play this defensively, especially against a side with, at least on paper, not as much quality. Villarreal deserved something...
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    Villarreal v Arsenal -- Champions League Semi-Final Leg 2 [P/R]

    Villarreal were in total control throughout the first half, and they should have scored at least once. Arsenal need to bring on some support for Henry, Van Persie would be an option.
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2005/2006]

    So we meet again this season :) ... Hopefully we can avoid as much damage as possible in Amsterdam, and then finish the job in Euroborg. Our season has been unbelievable and reaching the CL 3rd qualification round would be utterly astounding. We'll see, I'm pretty hopeful Ajax will underestimate...
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    Eredivisie Thread 2005/06

    Deserved champions, definitely. And thanks for the point PSV! Could prove to be very useful to us... And it's not the first time either. I'll never forget the 0-0 on the final day of the 2002-2003 season :) . :Bow:
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    The Arsenal Thread [2005/06]

    Superb performance once again yesterday :) . Juventus were so poor, it is unbelievable that they lead the Serie A by 10 points or so. I had the feeling that if Arsenal really wanted to, they could have trashed Juve by a margin of 2 or 3. Villarreal will be an interesting tie.
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    Champions League : AC Milan vs Lyon

    As long as the game is not as chess-like as the first leg I'm happy. I think it will be a pretty balanced game, but I feel Lyon might take this one.
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    The Arsenal Thread [2005/06]

    Heard it as well... The NOS (dutch national media) claim Henry's move to Barcelona is done. Luckily, it wouldn't be the first time their claims are absolutely rubbish. I rembember them stating Ajax would try to sack Charisteas back in November, something that didn't quite turn out to be the truth...
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    UEFA hit back at G14 - Football for All

    pfff, Uefa and Fifa are a bunch of hypocrites. Sure, some of the remarks directed to the G14 are probably correct ( them trying to protect themselves), but where's the critical look inside? For decades, Uefa has rarely done anything substantial for football, they're far more occupied with the...
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2005/2006]

    The race for fifth place is gonna be interesting till the end. I still believe Ajax will manage it, but they'll definitely need some of their players back. Yesterday's line up was a compelete joke. Not that I'm complaining :) .
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    The Arsenal Thread [2005/06]

    Still just rumours, thankfully. It would not be the end of the world if Henry left, no matter how influential he is. What is far more worrying is that he could go for the laughable sum of 10M pounds. THAT would be a blow, considering such a sum will never bring a back a suitable replacement.