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    Question regarding online tournaments....

    hi all I'm part of a CSS/TF2 community and want to organise a online knockout tournament for people when FIFA 10 comes out, is it possible to organise & host knockout tournaments online with selected people only? is there a way I can create an online league with certain people only too? Sorry...
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    Getting 1680x1050 on PES 2008 for PC?

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble getting 1680x1050 on PES 2008 for the PC. I found a thread with a Rapidshare link and I've copied the 1680settings.exe into my PES folder and ran it, set the resolution and came out of it. I then fires up the PES.exe and then my monitor flickers for a bit and...
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    Terribly slow & laggy menus ingame?

    Am I the only one out there that is experiencing HUGE problems with the ingame menu? its so SLOW and laggy, sometimes you press the button and it doesnt register at all. I thought EA would've fixed this when it occured in FIFA 07, cant believe they didnt even bother to fix it properly. Not...
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    Dario Silva fighting for his life after car crash

    :( Lets hope he pulls through guys, I've loved watching him play in many leagues for many years, its a shame he didnt last long in the Premiership with Portsmouth..... hope he will be ok, he is fighting for his life at the moment :(...
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    HOW TO CHANGE KITS - for those who dont know...

    I noticed quite a few people dont know how to change the kits. You just have to click "match setup" in the bottom middle of the screen (it sometimes comes up instead of formation) from there you can choose what kits, what stadium and what weather you want :)
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    Low FPS on FIFA 06 full game

    Hi all, Anyone know why I'm getting low fps on FIFA 06? I didnt get it in the demo, just got the full game and it doesnt run so great... I have a 3ghz PC Nvidia Geforce 6600 GT 128mb 1gb RAM :( its driving me mad. can anyone help? I have the latest drivers for my gfx card.... Cheers
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    The only decent thing about the game is....

    the commentary, Clive Tildsley is SUPERB on it, much better and less annoying than John Motson, he adds more of an atmosphere to the game, just a shame there are SO many bugs... I would only wish that Pro Evo 4 had commentary like Clive & Andy's on this game. Regards, Simon
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    Any Premiership Patches for FIFA 2005?

    guys, need some recommendations for FIFA 05, I need some new roster update (as new as possible) to update my game to have the latest transfers etc, as up to date as possible as I say, are there also any premiership patches in existance? I also need to find a patch for adding my own music...
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    Any news on a Music Importer for FIFA 2005?

    Hey guys, any news or plans for anyone to work on a Music Importer for FIFA 2005, I always used to love importing my own tracks that i liked into FIFA and being able to input the artist title info into the game as well, I think EA should've added that feature in for anyone to input their...
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    Are EA ever gonna release a patch!?

    I wonder if EA will ever release a patch.... I mean, the Euro 2004 tournament will be over by the time this bloody patch comes out :/
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    Any news on PES4 yet chaps?

    Have we heard anything about the release of PES4 at all guys? would appreciated some info instead of getting involved in all the FIFA vs PES ****e that shows up on here :/ each to their own, live with it! Thanks,
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    Going to Newcastle vs PSV next week, need help any Newcastle fans! plz read.

    Hey guys, I got 2 tickets today in my lunchhour at work for the Newcastle vs PSV game at St James's for next wednesday :)) £22 each for the milburn stand is bloody excellent. anyhow, I am fine getting there, I live in London so I need to travel from Stevenage station to newcastle, which...
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    Installing/Importing Faces? sorry, newbie here :)

    Hey guys, I have just had a look at a load of the faces on breamster's website and I have to say, amazing stuff but I dont have the SLIGHTEST idea of how I import them into the game, please can someone help me? sorry for being a newbie, I've done a search and its given me 26 pages of results...
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    Woohoo just scored a wonder goal! :D

    Hey guys, just scored a wonder goal on FIFA 2004, best goal I've ever scored I think :D it was Real Betis vs Real Madrid (I was Real Madrid) in the first round of the Spanish Cup and the goalkeeper threw the ball to his defender, the defender headed it to me and I unleashed an unstoppable...
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    Demo/Game crashing back to desktop and u have Logitech Pad? READ HERE FOR FIX!!

    Hey guys, well, using demo raptor I would play a long game of the demo and the game would go back to desktop after 10-15 minutes, well I use a Logitech Dual Action Gamepad and I decided to go to the logitech website and update the drivers, I uninstall the old drivers, unplugged the game pad...